WINNER’S ROUNDUP for March 2012

Spring Money WinnersDid you win prizes during the month of March?  If so, what did you win?

Winners Roundup” has a new post each month where you can comment with all of the good news about everything you won and prizes you received during the prior month. We all enjoy reading about your triumphs and if you haven’t won anything yet, this will serve as inspiration to get you in a winning state of mind. THINK: If they can win, I can, too!

A new post appears under the “Winners Roundup” tab around the end of each month. Keep a list of what you win, so you’ll be ready for the new post next month!

Please continue to post your wins on the individual games, as that is the preferred place to initially post your wins.

THANK YOU to everyone who posts on the Winner’s Roundup. It takes very little time to leave a comment with some of your wins and is very appreciated.

  • Francine

    $25 e-card from Camel
    $50 Buffalo Wild Wings gift card
    Reeses Cup 🙂

  • Wuvsnoopy

    I’m pretty much a newbie at instant wins & had some beginner’s luck in March:

    Coke Gym Bag
    $10 itunes card (Irish Spring)
    Coke PowerAde Basketball Set

    My luck has significantly dropped off in April but that’s for another post.

    Many thanks to all for sharing. 🙂