WINNERS ROUNDUP for April 2012

Winners TrophyDid you win prizes during the month of April?  If so, what did you win?

Winners Roundup” has a new post each month where you can comment with all of the good news about everything you won and prizes you received during the prior month. We all enjoy reading about your triumphs and if you haven’t won anything yet, this will serve as inspiration to get you in a winning state of mind. THINK: If they can win, I can, too!

A new post appears under the “Winners Roundup” tab around the end of each month. Keep a list of what you win, so you’ll be ready for the new post next month!

Please continue to post your wins on the individual games, as that is the preferred place to initially post your wins.

THANK YOU to everyone who posts on the Winners Roundup. It takes very little time to leave a comment with some of your wins and is very appreciated.

  • Sean M

    Winnings for the month of April:

    $10 Total Rewards Credit
    $25 MC Gift card from Camel
    6 oz. Steak Dinner to Outback from Quicken Loans
    2 Bags of O’ Boy Oberto Beef Jerky.
    A Pair of Movie tickets from Acura Avengers game
    Tony Stark Model Car from Acura Avengers game
    T-Shirt from O’ Boy Oberto
    A package of Hot Tamales
    Chalice from Stella Artois
    40 MCR Points from Subway
    Free Bottle of Honest Tea
    .99 coupon from Coke Zero
    Battleship Poster from Coke Zero
    Free Package of any Thomas Product

    Not a bad month. Good luck to everybody! Hope everyone wins lots of prizes in May!

  • bindhi

    Pringles coupon
    Microsoft points
    5$ Dollar General gift card
    10$ Pizza Inn gift card
    Dale Erhart Jr. gift pack from Dollar General and Mountain Dew
    Total grand prize ($350 of beauty products)
    Orbitz 50 Faves, won a trip!!!!

    • Sean M

      A trip to where Bindi???


    well just got a surpise package from the land o lakes get away with your better half sweeps.
    I had won the prizs pack with the 25 dollar visa card and coupons and travel mug but…
    I just got the coffee maker in the mail with more coupons and travel mugs??! Not sure why I got it but I’m not complaining!


      forgot to say I got the first prize pack last week.


        figured it out…It was the secondary sweepstakes prize. so got the instant win and sweepstakes prize (wish it had been the grand prize!haha)

        • Deanne

          I jut got the coffe maker and stuff in the mail today also from Land O Lakes, wow, what a surprise that was!

    • Sean M

      I also was surprised today. I just received the package with the coffee maker, mugs, and coupons! Nice! They were only giving away 100 of those so we were pretty lucky guys! 🙂

  • hit_me_with_a_prize

    Here’s what I racked up for April:

    Black Jeggings by Karen Kane – Woman’s Day Magazine (Sweeps Entry) $80
    1 Year subscription to – Redbook Magazine (Sweeps Entry) $179
    Really nice heavy mug from Lipton (Sweeps Entry)
    Affligem Belgian Abbey Pouring Ritual Tray with glasses and 2 bottles of Affligem Blond Abbey Ale – Affligem/DRAFT Magazine (Sweeps Entry) $50

    $15 Gift Code to – Coke Zero/Chili’s Bracket Challenge (IWG)
    Microsoft Points (I used em for my skater in NHL 12) 😉 – Windows Phone Free-Time Machine (IWG)
    $25 Code for – TGI Friday’s Giveaway (IWG)
    $20 eGift Card to Best Buy – Total Rewards (IWG)
    20 oz. Bottle of Coke Zero – Subway Battleship Game (IWG)
    $1.50 off Coupon for Coke, 20 oz. Bottle of Coke Zero and a Movie Poster – Coke Zero Battleship Battle for Everything (IWG)
    Movie Ticket – Coke Zero/Regal Cinemas Battleship Game (IWG) $8
    Lots of Movie Tickets and Pizzas – Red Baron Avengers Game (IWG)

    I’ll post totals of the Red Baron next month when it’s over cos I’m still winning new stuff from that game.

    Thanks to the sponsors for offering these games and sweeps and thanks to Snazzywin for hosting and keeping such epic lists!!! Good Luck to everyone in May!! (:

  • Lesley

    $179.00 Betty Lou’s Gift Basket – Sweeps
    $150.00 – 2 tickets to 1 of 2 private film screenings at Tribecca Film Festival – Sweeps
    $20.00 Mountain Dew Cooler Bag, Mountain Dew Throwback Hat, Dale Jr. Can Cooler & Dale Jr. Travel mug – Sweeps
    $7.99. Reap What You Sew book – Sweeps
    Van Halen cd, t-shirt, poster & sticker- Sweeps
    $75.00 Android Marketplace Gift Card – FB
    $4.50 1Free Entenmanns coupon – FB
    $3.99 – Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles – FB
    LaCie 8 GB Labelkey Flash Drive – FB
    Free coupon for pasta – FB
    3 Free coupons for Gorton’s Seafood any item
    $25.00 $10.00 Little Caesars GC, baseball cap & bean doll
    $50.00 250 Die-Cut business cards
    $17.59 Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler
    2 Free coupons for Gorton’s Seafood any item
    3 free coupons for any Alexia Products & an Autographed Tyler Florence Cookbook
    $26.00 2 movie admissions – IW
    $15.00 Poster – IW
    $5.99. 3.25 oz. bag beef jerkey – IW
    $1.20. Free 20 oz. Coke Zero
    $.79 2.12 Oz Package Hot Tamales – IW

  • Monica

    Microsoft Download
    Vitacrave vitamins
    $5.00 Grain Free coupon
    Stella Artois Chalice
    Cars Land merchandise
    $25.00 GC from Camel
    40 MCR Points from Subway
    Steak dinner at Outback
    Still waiting for a big win 🙁

  • lyndsie7

     I won a bottle of VitaCraves, 4 Burt’s Bees Samples, a Stella Artios chalice, a ERA Stainkicker t-shirt, a movie gc from Camel, 2 music gc’s from Camel, 2 free Thomas product coupons… but my BIG win was local! I just got a call today that I won a drawing at my county’s home show. I won a Sealy iComfort queen mattress set! Biggest win to date!  =)

    • lyndsie7

       Picked up our new bed on Friday… it is AMAZING!!!

  • christam8

    Didn’t win much in April & Im not winning much in May.. Boo, Hoo!

    11 Free bag cpns. for Oh, Oberto jerky

    7 Bottles of Vitacraves Vitamins

    1 Oh, Oberto T-shirt

    A 3.5 oz.  LINDT Chocolate Bar

    A cpn. for a Free Bloomin Obion

    AVEDA Candle And this last prize was worth the most $$

    H2O Face cream product ($43 value) I already recieved the cream (USPS) 1 and a 1/2 wks. ago.& I just won it on April 28th- That was fast!!

    ***Has anyone received their Bag of Seattle’s Best Coffee? I won a bag on Feb.7th (Over three months ago)  If someone else won a bag around this date & has gotten it will u pls. post & let me know. And did u get any gift cards with the coffee? Thank you!

  • christam8

    One small prize but good prize I forgot to list- $5 DOLLAR GENERAL g/c- I won it approx. 4 1/2 wks. ago & would like to now if anyone else won the $5 Dollar Gen. g/c if they have gotten it yet. Thank u and hope everyone wins at least one $$ big prize $$ in May!!

  • wardaddy

    Won a free reeses coupon,free blooming onion,free steak dinner,free challis,4 free tickets to Battleship,a free poster,ticket to avengers,vita craves,craisins,free old orchard,coke hat,free skittles riddles piñata,2 tickets to the Ga Renaissance festival,4 tickets to the braves game,free coconut water,free fitness video from “self magazine”,free thomas product coupons,free cover girl product coupons.

  • Kara Teel

    The best prize I won was a $200 gift card to Kroger from the daily Cellfire giveaway they had last month.