To the Person and/or Company That Wants Me to Remove a Facebook Post

I keep receiving a notification that some entity requested that I remove a Facebook post on July 24th. I cannot access the actual message and don’t know who it was from or what post it was regarding. I don’t know if it was deleted or is bugged out on the Facebook side of things. I always remove posts when companies want me to and it very rarely ever happens, so it’s not a big deal, at all, to remove a post. If this person and/or entity would like to contact me again, I will gladly comply. I need to know who it’s coming from or I’d have to delete EVERY Facebook post. I just wanted this person and/or entity to know that I’m not ignoring them. Please use my contact form.

This is all I can see of the message and when I click on it, NOTHING. I’m sorry I can’t help what I can’t see and there are ZERO messages inbox, archived, etc. at this time. All I can find of it is the “Notification” and perhaps the sender deleted it after sending.

Remove Post from Facebook