The menu is a little different and new ads

If you’re on a desktop computer, all you need to do is hover your mouse on the “instant win games” and the “instant win games list” will appear below it. If you’re on some tablets, just tap “instant win games” and it will appear below it. Trying to clean up this weird menu. It was too wordy. So many people are on mobile and it just looked like a word jumble on some tablets and was difficult to read. So few people are on desktop anymore. I rarely use mine, so I totally get it. I want those on mobile to have a better experience and with fewer “static” ads, you will not have to scroll so much on your tiny screens.

As for the advertising, you may see some new mobile ads.

Please don’t “ad block” Snazzywin. Please “whitelist” the site in your ad blockers.

The new mobile ads are served by Google. No malvertising! It’s intuitive. They will appear at random. If you don’t like the ad, just click to close. The little one at the bottom, you can just slide the gray arrow down and it will go away, if it doesn’t interest you. These type of ads are exclusively on mobiles and tablets. I have to make these changes to keep up with the times. All of my ads are from vetted affiliates or Google served. I’m VERY picky about who I will let serve ads here. Ultimately, you will see fewer “static” ads as you scroll and it will give you a better experience, while still allowing the possibility to pay for the site. Don’t click unless you’re legitimately interested in the ad. I pay for advertising, too. I don’t want some jokers making me pay on my own ads when they aren’t really interested in Snazzywin.

Another thing, we are going to start having some coupons. They will fall under the “free stuff” tab with their own tab “coupons.” I haven’t ventured into that yet, but to maintain the site, it’s happening. I will share the best of the best: Only coupons that I would take advantage of because they are of high value or will make the item close to being free.

I’m adding the instant win games, but give me some time. It may take many days or more to get them all on. I’m hoping to have this thing fully going within the next two weeks.

Happy you came back! Time to start winning again!