SHOP YOUR WAY Variety of Instant Win Games with Points AND Prizes 2015

Wow! Shop Your Way keeps adding a bunch of new instant win games for points and for prizes! They keep adding so many, we’ll just use this post for all of them. You can view all of the Shop Your Way instant win promotions by going to their site, clicking the “All Sweeps” tab and then, click the icon for “Instant Win Games.” This makes it easy to see them all and play them all. It also makes it so that you never miss a new game. Please comment if you win a prize. Thanks, friends!

Shop Your Way Rewards 2015 Scratch GamesHere’s how to play the games:  Click the “Enter Here” link below.  You may have to scroll down their page to find all of the instant win games. Once you find one you want to enter, click on it or click the “Get Started Now” button and follow their steps to proceed to the instant win game. After answering the survey questions, you will be presented with a sweeps, shuffle or scratch game. Follow their instructions to find out if you’ve won a prize. If you win, please leave a comment. Thanks!

If you win some Shop Your Way points or a physical prize, please leave a comment and let us know which game you won them in and what you won. Thanks!

Instant Win Game Prizes:

  • Prizes will vary in quantity and variety. It will depend on which game you’re playing.

Prize limit: Varies.
Entry limit: Varies. Generally, the games are one entry per day.

Eligibility: Please check the eligibility for the game you wish to play.

For complete details and contact information, see the Official Rules on the entry form.

*Information about this promotion is for entertainment purposes only. No material relationship between Snazzywin and the Sponsor(s) of this promotion exists.

ENTER HERE: SHOP YOUR WAY Variety of Instant Win Games
exp: ongoing

  • Danielle

    Won 3000 points in the shop your way samsung tablet instant win 🙂

  • grace

    I stopped joining Shop Your Way games. They gave you points which may be equivalent to $3 or $5 but you have to spend at least $25 to be able to use the points. That’s what I think…

    • IndyJones

      You can just ignore the emails from SYW that give you “surprise” points, which require you to spend a minimum amount, What I like are the instant win points. I used $9 in instant win points to get a rake for 1/2 price and $13 in instant win points to get a couple pairs of Lee jeans for really cheap. If you’re patient and enter every day until you accumulate enough points to get a significant discount, this can really be a useful instant-win game.

  • Betsy

    Won the 20$ coffee gift card!

  • Lindsey VT Freebie

    I JUST FREAKING WON 1 MILLION POINTS!!!! ($1000) from the scion IWG

    • Tony Smith

      That’s awesome!!! Congratulations!

    • Kathy G

      So awesome!

    • Wow! Congrats!

  • Jessy Munro

    I won 8,000 points

  • Michelle Getz Egan

    these are a little time consuming but so worth it. I’ve won enough points since I started playing religiously back in May to outfit my bathrooms with towels and rugs, got a gorgeous $380 console table for $5, and actually bought some home goods at the store itself, and my bill was 0…surprise points I didn’t even know I had until I checked out. I haven’t won any of the premium prizes yet, but I poo-pooed these games for the longest time because of the time it takes to get a few wins, but don’t knock the $1 or $2 wins, it all adds up! Good Luck! Oh, and as an added bonus, I click link through ebates (works for Sears and K-mart) when I buy something with my points and get cash back too, not a bad deal ; )

  • Kathy G

    There for a few days last week, it seems like they were giving more little instant win prizes. I accumulated enough in about a month to use a $25.00 off $50.00 coupon and points to get my nephew a $60.00 Lego Set for his birthday. I didn’t have to pay a dime, not even tax and, I still had $10.00 left over.

  • Jessica Walters

    I accumulated enough points in just 2 months and just cashed out for a metal detector, completely free 🙂

  • Jessy Munro

    In just 2 days I won enough to cash out about 25 bucks to get my gift exchange buddy her gift!