PILLSBURY Ready to Bake Cookies: Movie Ticket Instant Win Game

Pillsbury Movie Tickets Instant Win GameThis is your chance to win 5 movie tickets per person and there are over 23,000 prizes! WOW! If you liked the last Pillsbury instant win game and if you enjoy movie tickets, you’ll love this game, which is quite similar.

You’ll need to purchase a specially-marked package of any Pillsbury Ready To Bake!™ Cookies and locate the on-pack code. Alternate entry is available for “free” through the mail, but why waste a stamp when you could buy a pack of ready to bake cookies? If you’re interested in mailing for a “free” code, see the Official Rules for the details.

Instant Win Game Prizes:

  • 23,328 Prizes: Code for a Free Movie Ticket. Approximate retail value: $12.00.

Prize limit: 1 prize per day. 5 prizes total, per person.
Entry limit: once per day. CODES CAN BE USED 10 TIMES! Play it today, and again tomorrow, and again the next day, and again the day after that…You get it.

Eligibility: PILLSBURY Ready to Bake Cookies: Movie Ticket Instant Win Game is open to 50 U.S. & D.C., age 18+

For complete details and contact information, see the Official Rules on the entry form.

*Information about this promotion is for entertainment purposes only. No material relationship between Snazzywin and the Sponsor(s) of this promotion exists.

ENTER HERE: PILLSBURY Ready to Bake Cookies: Movie Tickets Instant Win Game (Code Req’d)
exp 06/30/2014


    anybody have any codes?

  • Janet

    We need codes!

    • Carrie

      Unfortunately you cant share codes this game. You need to either buy the product or send away for amoes.

  • Guest


  • Christine Buffalo

    I officially hate this game all three codes did not work.. I entered my husband my son and none of the 3 codes worked

    • May Jackson

      Maybe the worst run instant win game ever. Codes are useless.

  • Nicole

    Won a movie ticket!

  • Christine Buffalo

    Game is up an running.. now I like it!!!

  • Betsy

    won a movie ticket!

  • Margaret

    I have won 4 tickets. 1st code didn’t work and the eventually sent a new one. Cool. Funny thing is when you print them they are good until 4-14….and the game runs till 6-14. Hmmmm. And, FYI, if you mess up trying to print like I did the 1st time (wouldn’t compress file on Chrome), you loose the ticket!

    • Carrie

      The winning code from pillsbury is good til end of june but once you redeem its 2 full months. It’s all in the rules. Most movie ticket codes are like this.

      • Margaret

        TY for the info. I guess I will wait to enter the other codes.

        • Carrie

          Redeem them as you need them. Theyre basically good til end of summer. There’s always a bunch of new movies over the summer especially for kids.

          • Margaret

            you are require to print them within 7 days of winning. If you don’t you loose the ticket.

          • Carrie

            I just reread my email. The winning codes are good til 6/30. I think once you redeem the codes you have access to print them for 7 days. The link to the actual tx becomes inactive. I lost out on some concession cash a couple yrs ago from a cereal promo because i forgot to print them.

          • Margaret

            have you won one yet?

          • Carrie

            Yes i have. I actually just redeemed one to make sure.

          • Betsy

            yep what carrie says is right you have until 6/30 unless you redeem your code then you have 7 days to print out the ticket and use it with in the 2 months following. I’ve won 5 now! this is so great because it’s too expensive to take a family to the movies these days!

          • amber

            you can hold on to the notification email….they give an expiration date according to when you enter your winning ticket code on the eticket site. I just used another of mine and the exp on the ticket is 7/31

  • Betsy

    I had to send them an email because the code worked once and that was it. hopefully they fix it

  • mindyvol

    Yay! Won on my first try, which makes up for not winning on the other Pillsbury IWG. 🙂

  • Sharlyn

    I was only able to use my code one time. Did anyone else get this issue resolved? Thanks

    • Betsy

      I think I read in the rules that if you win with the code you can’t reuse it. other than that you can use it up to 10 times. Now I will say that the code that eprize sent me I could use it several times to win. so I don’t know for sure but check out the rules then if not email them because they will send you a new code.

      • Sharlyn

        I just read the rules and it does say if you win you can’t use that same code again. I don’t think they did it that way with their last game. Very disappointing. Did anyone else win more than once with the same code?

    • Margaret

      I had the same problem and had to email them for a new code. You can still use the code if you win. Up to 5 wins per person.

    • tracy simms

      same here..kept sayin invalid code message

  • Betsy

    Try these codes. I’ve won my fair share of tickets so if you can use them good luck.
    I’m not sure they can be used again but let me know if it works

    • Destynee Sandifer

      Didnt work but thanks for sharing. 🙂

      • Betsy

        sorry 🙁 it was worth a shot!

  • Sharlyn

    Won all 3 times I have played so far : )

  • Sharlyn

    won another ticket this morning

  • Anna

    Would anyone trade 4 amc tickets with drinks for 4 movie tickets I don,t have an amc around me 🙁 I would like to trade because I can,t use them thanks my email is goldendog13@yahoo.com there print out tickets

    • Nia

      Would you want to trade 12-month Xbox Live Gold Membership. ARV: $60.00. I won that from the Xbox game but I don’t have a Xbox

  • Evelyn

    Won a ticket 🙂

  • Kaytea

    Are the movie tickets printable or mailed?

    • JohnnyMac

      They have to be printed.

      • Kaytea