PILLSBURY Holiday Cash Instant Win Game (Codes Required to Enter)

Pillsbury 10 Dollar Winner Every 10 MinutesPillsbury is giving you the chance to win $10 holiday cash with a winner every 10 minutes!

You will need a code to enter this promotion and those can be found on specially-marked packages of Pillsbury Ready to Bake!™ Cookies or you can snail mail-in for a free code. Please note: A unique code from a purchased product can be used 10 times!

With the opportunity to win a total of 5 times and each code can be used 10 times, it’s probably worth your time to cruise around the grocery store to find yourself a specially-marked package to purchase with the code inside.

If you are lucky and win, please leave a comment here. We don’t know you’re winning if you don’t tell us.

Instant Win Game Prizes:

  • 24,048 PRIZES : Winner’s choice of a $10 Virtual Visa Gift Card awarded digitally or a check for $10. ARV: $10.00.

Prize limit: one instant win prize per person per day. 5 instant prizes, total.
Entry limit: 10x per day. Each unique code can be used 10 times.

Eligibility: PILLSBURY Holiday Cash Instant Win Game is open to 50 U.S. & D.C., age 18+

For complete details and contact information, see the Official Rules on the entry form.

*Information about this promotion is for entertainment purposes only. No material relationship between Snazzywin and the Sponsor(s) of this promotion exists.

ENTER HERE: PILLSBURY Holiday Cash Instant Win (Codes Req’d)
exp 03/15/14

  • Johanna

    Won two days ago, $10.

  • Amanda

    Just won $10 last time I never received a confirmation so I’m crossing my fingers and checking my spam this time….

  • Julie

    Bought two packages of chocolate chip cookies. Won $10.00 on each.

    • ali

      Julie, save the codes from those cookies. You can use them each up to 10 times to try to win again. Each person/email address can win up to 5 times.

  • John

    What times do you all usually win? I’ve tried 4 times and have yet to win.

  • cng261974

    PCMW7 3F3 W7XT

    • spongemonkey

      TYVM! – I won $10 with the code. To bad rules only allow one win per day.

      • John

        Hmm didn’t work for me. Is this code correct?

        • Jeremy

          Invalid Code

        • cng261974

          I’m sorry it works for me, my daughter and husband. Some it seems to work for and some it doesnt

          • Allisha Gold

            Each code can only be used 10 times in total. So the code won’t work anymore for anyone.

          • wardaddy

            Actually, it can be only used 10 times by each person. I was able to use the code shared. Did not win, but thanks to the person who shared the code. I have not found any of the Pillsbury around here that have them inside.

      • cng261974

        my daughter just won with this code at 6 pm 12/24

    • kalyn01

      thank you very much for the code … just won $10 🙂

    • laurend

      Thank you for sharing your code, that was nice of you! I won $10 🙂

    • Erica Roberts

      Thanks just won

    • Laura

      anybody else have a code that they are willing to share

    • spongemonkey

      Thanks again – your code has provided many multiple Winners. I was concerned that multiple people using the same code would result in disqualifications but I just rec’d my 3 checks today. Anyone else willing to supply a code? You can win 5X overall. TY

    • Stephen Pierce

      I just won $10. Thanks

      • cng261974

        Congratulations 🙂

  • Sweet Sweet Sweeps

    Anyone have a used code they can send me ? 🙂 My email is
    BloggerSBrown@gmail.com 🙂

  • janv123q

    I can’t seem to find the specially marked cookies anymore. Did they stop making them?

    • teresa harvey

      They never had them in my area, I keep checking

    • Sharlyn

      I haven’t been able to find them for the past two weeks either.

  • I just contacted the people handling this promotion because I won and
    never received 2 or the 4 that I have won. Was not happy with their
    response. It was my fault.

    • John

      What happened?

  • John

    How long do the checks/physical gift cards take to arrive via mail?

    • teresa harvey

      The card took around a wk, don’t know about the checks. Rules said much longer to wait on checks.

  • marsha webb

    Won $10. Thanks for the free code.

  • Evelyn

    Just won 🙂

  • Stephanie Bodine

    Won $10.00 Hope I recieve email soon!



  • Nora

    Thanks for the code. Any new codes please?

  • Shannon McGrew

    has anyone who won and requested a check gotten them yet?

    • Sharlyn

      I won about 6 weeks ago and I haven’t received my check yet

      • Margaret

        I won in the beginning of Nov. and still haven’t received them.

  • Janet

    We need another code please nice person.



    • spongemonkey

      This code is invalid on both Pillsbury IWG’s (“Holiday” & “Movie Ticket”)

  • Sharlyn

    I emailed the company and they responded quickly that they were sorry for the delay and the checks would be mailed out next week.

    • Shannon McGrew

      Just got my checks today! so stay on the look out guys!

  • Janet

    We really need codes. When I go shopping I will look for the special box.Janet

  • Sharlyn

    I received my checks yesterday, I don’t think they will have any new codes for this game since they have a new game started.