OH BOY! OBERTO “Grab Bag” Instant Win Game (Facebook)

Oberto Instant Win Code GameLog-in on their Facebook page and click the “Grab” button to see if you are an instant winner in the OH BOY! OBERTO “Grab Bag” Instant Win Game.

Instant Win Game Prizes:

  • 1 Prize: Boat load of Oh Boy! Oberto Beef Jerky consisting of 1,000 3.25 oz. bags of Oh Boy! Oberto Jerky plus one 15 – 20-foot refurbished Bayliner (pre-owned) power boat. ARV: $12,000.00. Winner may opt for cash payment in lieu of Grand Prize.
  • 3 Prizes: Gold Jerky prizes. ARV $1,000.00
  • 1 Prize: Assload of Jerky consisting of 250 3.25 oz. bags of Oh Boy! Oberto Jerky. ARV: $1,450.00.
  • 1 Prize: Power Wheels of Jerky consisting of 200 3.25 oz. bags of Oh Boy! Oberto Jerky. ARV: $750.00.
  • 575 Prizes: T-Shirts ARV $5.00.
  • 300 Prizes: Wristbands. ARV $2.75.
  • 300 Prizes: Beanie hats. ARV $5.00.
  • 300 Prizes: Eye patches. ARV $0.95
  • 2,500 Prizes: Scratch-n-sniff stickers. ARV: $0.93
  • 5,000 Prizes: Bag coupons good for one 3.25 oz. bag of Oh Boy! Oberto Jerky, ARV $5.99.
  • Unlimited Prizes: Original Oberto Mp3 song download. ARV: $0.00
  • Unlimited Prizes: Photoframe design to download & print. ARV: $0.00

Entry limit: once per day.

Eligibility: OH BOY! OBERTO “Grab Bag” Instant Win Game is open to 50 U.S. & D.C., age 18+

For complete details and contact information, see the Official Rules on the entry form. Please comment if you win. Thanks, Snazzywin.com

ENTER HERE: OH BOY OBERTO “Grab Bag” Game (Facebook)
exp 06/30/12
*Unlimited downloadable prizes to be won.

  • Allisha Gold

    I’ve played this game too many times to count and still the best prize I’ve won is the $1 off coupon. I don’t understand how some people have won 10 times plus, but you need to tell me your secret! lol

    • cart2260

      Some games are strictly random, but some games often give away prizes on the hour.  I play at different times of the day, and I’ve been fairly lucky.  Hope this helps!

  • ves911

    All I want is a stinkin darn bag of jerkey…grr lol. Haven’t won anything besides songs and coupons

  • cowgrl134

    finally won a bag of jerky!

  • jackz99

    I have just won 2 beanies! 

  • I think I’m the only one who’s only received just downloadables and  1$ off coupons

    • Just used a code posted in here and won a bag of jerkey! Thank you!

  • jackz99

    Does anyone know how long the good prizes (T-shirts, beanies, free jerky bags) take to arrive?

  • cart2260

    I think I’ve received 26 free bag coupons in the mail so far.  I love getting the mail every day!

    • jackz99

      How long did you have to wait for the coupons to arrive? 

      • cart2260

        I got some things in about a week, but some things took almost a month to get. 

        • jackz99

          ok, thanks. I guess I have to be more patient. Hope your luck continues until the promotion ends!

  • Couple questions, can you win more then one physical prize a day? Also can you enter more than one code a day? Sorry, I’m still trying to get the hang of these games 🙂

  • ves911

    132 entries and nothing more than $1.00 off coupon 🙁

    • chandelle123

      Same here.

    • Lisa Anne

       yep, $1 off, gifs etc but nothing tangible.. oh well, I was beginning to think it was me LOL

      •  I’ve won one, I don’t see how people are getting 10 and 20 good prizes.

  • ves911

    If I win another virtual picture frame or coupon…I’m gonna scream…lol. 150+ times and not one little piece of jerky to eat lol

    • cart2260

      I think all the good stuff is gone.  I had previously won about 30 free bags of jerky, about 7 t-shirts, 3 beanie hats, a wristband, an eyepatch, and too many scratch-n-sniff stickers to count plus tons of the other coupons, mp3s, etc.  I’m not winning any of the good stuff anymore, so I think most of that stuff is gone since the contest is almost over.

  • I won the scratch and sniff sticker lol.

  • I wonder what the gold jerky is…

  • Tabatha Lake

    Won a coupon for a free bag of jerky.

  • cart2260

    I won 5 free bags of jerky earlier today! I did my grab and won a free bag, and then I entered in 4 codes, and won 4 more bags. I thought all the good stuff was gone, but I guess not. Awesome!

  • cart2260

    Got my last 5 free jerky coupons in the mail today.