M&Ms Movie 2016 Instant Win Text Game

You’re gonna need to text message to enter the M&Ms Movie 2016 Instant Win Text Game. Text the word MOVIE to 87654. My cell service is so bad, I cannot even test this one right now. No service! ugh. You will have the chance to win movie tickets and concessions. They keep this one coming back yearly and we had a lot of winners in last year’s game. Even if you’ve already won playing this game, please let me hear about it in the comments. We like to see winners around these parts.

  • Eligibility: 50 U.S. & D.C., age 13+…
  • For complete details and contact information, see the Official Rules on the entry form.
  • Ends August 22, 2016
  • Angela Florendo

    Slower start this year for me… (2) $3 concession cash so far. Glad you’re back, Snazzywin!

  • Harry

    Won 2 movie tickets!!

    • dondevanny

      hi harry,i’m sure glad shes back and up and running .any explaintion where she was?

  • jahwoo

    I won something..lol..i haven’t redeemed the code yet to find out what… paint me another glad to see you back:)

  • Victoria H

    Glad to see you back, I tried to send you a message of concern.

  • Jessika Harris

    i just won a free movie ticket!

  • cowgrl134

    $3! Glad you’re back!!

  • toebee84

    $3.00 Concessions!

  • IndyJones

    2x $3.00 concessions cash so far

  • sandra hatfield

    Finally won $3.00 concession cash. Hoping now for tickets.

  • grace

    3 x $3 concessions

  • Carolyn Judd

    6× 3.00 concessions


    Won $3 for concessions stand

  • Harry

    Anyone else having problems entering this one? I tried earlier today and got a text message that it didn’t recognize the code MOVIE.

    • regina elliott

      I’m having same prob


    is anybody having trouble texting the word for the. game.

    • regina elliott

      I’m having same issue

    • tarah f

      working for me now!

    • Diane Mayer-Miller

      Yes it does not recognize my text???

  • rick casares

    yes all the time. a real big hassle

  • jahwoo

    I’ve won $3 for snacks thrice….I never buy food at theaters so..hooray..lol

  • Lichele McClatchey

    I have won $9 in concession cash so far, I think you can win 5 times, so I am hoping to win movie tickets as well

    • jahwoo

      I’ve won like 8 times..so I think you can win more than 5 times…lol..

      • Lichele McClatchey

        thank you, I’m still winning 🙂

    • jacki mohr

      I have won 7 but 5 of those times were 3 dollars so I wonder if it’s 5 times per prize

      • Lichele McClatchey

        Yes, seems to be so….I’ve won several more times

  • jahwoo

    I’ve won $5 for concessions a couple of times and $3 a bunch of times..total of $34 thus far I think….but it’s kind of funny when a large popcorn is $9…I don’t usually get food at a movie theater but since it’s “free”…lol 😀

    • Golden Life

      I must enter at really horrible times or something because I only won the $3 one time. It was the 2nd time I played, but I’ve entered at least 10 or 11 times since and still nothing else. lol

      • jahwoo

        I think roughly between 1am and 430 am pacific time I’ve had the best luck..lol….but then I won outside that time frame probably as many times….so…i dunno…haha 😀

        • Golden Life

          I usually play pretty late Pacific Time. The time I won was around 12:30 am. But yeah I play a lot in the really late time frames and haven’t won anything else. I guess they just don’t like me! lol

  • rick casares

    the game is over. i won $40.00 worth of candy and drinks at my favorite theater.the only problem i had was processing the payment for said “goodies”. everyone behind me waiting for the payment to go through became somewhat upset. it was like road rage but instead concession rage.