Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Look what I got in the mail.

Many people are heading away for the holidays and I just wanted to take this time to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 2015 was quite a year. It finished off nicely for me winning those Harley boots! It was one of my biggest wins this year. I didn’t enter much, so I didn’t expect to win much. Next year, my resolution is to enter more promotions, so I can win more.

I’d love to hear about the big prizes you won this year or even the small prizes that meant a lot. I say it all the time, but it’s always true – I love to see YOU winning. It makes my day! I want to add a lot more promotions when I see you winning. Obviously, this isn’t a huge website, so my incentive to keep plugging away at it is to benefit you and I never know if you’ve won unless you tell me. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my people, Snazzywinners, winning! It was the whole point of creating this website so many years ago. It was about sharing the promotions with other like-minded people who wanted to win prizes. Sure, it’s fun to play all kinds of games online, but I like playing them a whole lot more when there is a chance for a prize.

Speaking of prizes, my mail carrier brought my Crystal Pepsi 6-pack to my door today. It’s very exciting for me because I remember when Crystal Pepsi was around in ’92 and ’93. Those were high school years for me and it was a favorite beverage for me. It’s fun to see it back! I posted a picture on Facebook and Instagram. Did any of you win, too?

Please comment and let me know about the prizes you won in 2015. I’m still trying to win a car. Actually, I’ve been trying to win a car since 1998. I may never win it, but I will keep trying. I’ve won a lot of stuff over all those years while trying to win that elusive car prize. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed. Maybe, someday.

  • Azeri Zenovka

    Happy Holidays to you too! I’ve only been sweeping since mid-May, but since then I’ve won about $170 in gift cards, a soccer ball, 3 t-shirts, sunglasses, fridge magnet, koozies, 2 mascaras, nail polish, Crystal Pepsi (should arrive next week), a slew of music downloads and a handful of candy and snack vouchers. Not too shabby, eh?

  • christine porter

    This was a good year for me! I had some really big wins and one was a $250.00 gift card to Ginny’s.The 2nd big win was real jewelry from Herr’s family Jewelry Box for my daughter! I have also won some fairies from a company called GARDEN SPARKLE and am waiting for them now to ship from Australia!!! Mars instant win has been very generous, too , as I won a $5.00 debit card and a $15.00 debit card and also 2 bags of candy from them!!I have had some other wins too all year long, but these were the big ones! Merry Christmas to you!! and, I PRAY that 2016 is the best year ever!!!

  • Tabatha Lake

    My year was slow for winning until a few weeks ago when I won a $500 Macys gift code, that changed everything. Brings my winnings this year up to about $1200 total. These winnings make Christmas shopping fun instead of a struggle for me and still time to win more before this year is done.

  • valshet

    – I have won quite a few candy bars this year – I appreciate the time & effort you put into this website – it always brightens my day to see the email with possible wins! Keep up the good work – good luck to you & all the readers of the website! Here’s to 2016

  • Jennifer

    I graduated in 1994 so Crystal Pepsi reminds me of high school too. As one of our Christmas traditions, I put up all the prizes that I’ve won for the year and then I wrap them and we open them on Christmas Eve. We look forward to opening the gifts from the prize box every year.

    • Lisa Anne

      What a great idea opening the prize boxes on Christmas Eve.. that’s gotta be so much fun!

  • talliana

    I don’t remember trying Crystal Pepsi at all, I guess I did not pay attention to it since I prefer Coke. I guess it was a good year for me but really slow for the first six months of the year, I did not start winning until August. These are my prizes for this year: 500 GC from a FB banking site contest, $500 from a Coke instant win. A few candy bars, water bottles, dolls, Tommy Bahama $50 GC, $25 NBA store from Kia contest, 2 free Star Wars tickets from Verizon, couple jars of jelly , perfume, several bottles of lotion and body wash, several Amazon GCs about $200, free tshirts and hats ,about $20 in points from Sears Shop Your way after I total all those annoying little dollar and fity cent wins never used my points though and they expired. I’m trying to win a new computer and a cruise for next year and I will be really trying hard to go after those prizes.

  • Mary Kivett

    Happy holidays! I got a $500 Macy’s, like 8 candy bars, 12 song downloads, a $5 visa, $15 visa, $5 subway, 2 king sized nestle crunches, $5 piercing pagoda, 100 MCR points, 10 MCR points, 6 pack of crystal pepsi,and 3 xbox one avatars. And I’ve been doing it for only a couple of months! Thank you for posting.

  • Lisa Anne

    Merry Christmas! Congratulations on winning the Harley boots – I remember entering that one and thinking “wow – that would be a cool win”. So glad YOU won them. 🙂 This year I was incredibly fortunate to have won 1 of the 10 Lucky Charms boxes of only marshmallows. I couldn’t hit Macys or some of the other big, recent IW games with lots of huge prizes but I’ll always treasure the Lucky Charms – no, we’re not going to eat them – I love just knowing they’re here. 🙂 The box and packaging are amazing. Best wishes to you and all your followers for many wins in the New Year.

  • D J

    Received my Pepsi Crystal today. And they are deposit bottles in my state, so 30¢ as well. Whoo-hoo! LOL

  • Patty Raschel

    Thanks for your hard work maintaining this site. I look forward to it every day!

  • joso333

    Merry Christmas I appreciate & love your site

  • Tammie Knott

    I just won a years supply of coffee and a bunn brewer from the community coffee instant win !! well, it was a bout 10 minutes ago,,lol, but i won!! Thank you! Its an 180.00 value

  • tracy simms

    I still want to win millions in the lottery!! but I did win a $1000 Amex gc from Chevy dealers in my area this year! I just won a $100 cvs gc few min ago from a blogger!! Hope u win that car soon!!

  • Harry

    Thanks Snazzywin for keeping this great site running. I’ve been using your site for a while and enjoy reading when others win as it keeps me motivated to keep playing. I will start posting my winnings to help keep others going as well.