MARLBORO Chill Off the Grid Game

Marlboro Chill off the GridYou could instantly win a Ranch Trip from Marlboro!

Instant Win Game Prizes:

  • 400 Ranch Trip Prizes: Trip for two to a Ranch in the Western U.S. in early 2013. ARV: $4,820.00.


  • 19,700 Prizes: Zippo Lighter. ARV: $17.95.
  • 39,400 Prizes: Wayfarer Sunglasses. ARV: $14.99.
  • 27,580 Prizes: Beanie Hat. ARV: $14.99.
  • 39,400 Prizes: Panasonic ear buds. ARV: $9.99.

Prize Limit: one Ranch Trip Prize and one Lower Level Prize, per person.
Entry limit: one play per day.

Eligibility: MARLBORO Chill Off the Grid Game is open to legal residents of the U.S. (Excluding MA, MI, VA) who are 21 or older, smokers…

For complete details and contact information, see the Official Rules on the entry form. Please comment if you win. Thanks,

ENTER HERE: MARLBORO Chill Off the Grid Game (excl. MA, MI, VA)
exp 09/16/12

  • Angela Fortner Rose

    Won a Zippo

  • hilary adams

    Won some ear buds :)

  • Joan Ducksworth

    I won a pair of sunglasses, now I can’t get back into the site. I also got 31 downloads.
    (this is today 9/5/12).

    • SonyaMariaBlack

      I got an email that said i had to get all my download codes by 9/2 or they would disappear..i guess because the game is over..the sound of gold. the codes dont expire for a while but i dont know how u could retrieve them.

  • wardaddy

    Won sunglasses!

  • CookieDoe

    I won the sunglasses and hubby did also!

  • Kendal Jones

    So far I’ve won the lighter and the ear buds. Congrats to all the trip winners! Hope I get it soon.

  • Kendra Bradford

    They gave me a pair of sunglasses for my birthday

  • Gabby

    WHOO won a zippo 😀

  • Kristen A

    Won the earbuds.

  • rachel101711

    i just got my trip dates today, i’m super excited and can’t believe this is actually happening!

  • brookiesmom

    Rachel – First, a BIG Congrats! When are you going to the ranch? We just sent our paperwork in about a week ago!

    • michael

      How long was it before someone contacted you?

      • brookiesmom

        All we’ve had is our initial paperwork so far, and had to send in copies of our driver’s licenses!

        • michael

          how long was it though until someone called you after you won? I won in a bar on friday and was curious how long it takes someone to get a hold of you.

          • brookiesmom

            Oops, sorry! I won instantly online, and I got a Fed Ex with the paperwork less than two weeks after that. Never got a phone call, though. Congrats on the win!

  • michael

    I won the ranch trip friday night!!

  • bonitals

    Just got a package from fedex saying I won the trip. So excited. Thanks snazzy.

    • cart2260

      How exciting! Congratulations! I hope you have a great time.

      • bonitals

        Thank you

    • Jessica

      You are going to have a blast! We went in August! :)

      • bonitals

        Thank you. I’m taking my sister with me. We’re looking so forward to this

  • BettyeD

    I just received my letter that I won the trip! Biggest win yet!!! Thanks snazzy!!!!

    • bindhi

      Great Christmas present. Congrats to you!

      • BettyeD

        Definitely. Thank you!

  • Elisha Chantel Anderson

    I won the trip on the first try… Our date is feb 26- march 1 :-)