MARLBORO Chill Off the Grid 2013 Instant Win Game

Marlboro Chill Off the Grid 2013Enter the MARLBORO Chill Off the Grid 2013 Instant Win Game and you could win a Marlboro Ranch Trip, instantly!

Instant Win Game Prizes:

  • 420 GRAND PRIZES (10 awarded per day): Marlboro Ranch trip. ARV: $3,025.00.
  • 1,500 PRIZES: Sony Action Cam camcorder. ARV: $199.99.
  • 3,500 PRIZES: HMDX Jam Party Bluetooth Speakers. ARV: $119.99.
  • 7,000 PRIZES: Zoom Energy Square. ARV: $35.00.
  • 8,500 PRIZES: Touchscreen Spandex Gloves. ARV: $15.51.
  • 10,000 PRIZES: Crackle Water Bottle. ARV: $12.75.

Prize limit: one Grand Prize and one lower level (non-grand) prize per person.
Entry limit: once per day.

Eligibility: MARLBORO Chill Off the Grid 2013 Instant Win Game is open to smokers in the U.S.(excl. MA, MI, VA) & D.C., age 21+

For complete details and contact information, see the Official Rules on the entry form.

*Information about this promotion is for entertainment purposes only. No material relationship between Snazzywin and the Sponsor(s) exists.

ENTER HERE: MARLBORO Chill Off the Grid (excl. MA,MI,VA)
exp 09/15/13

  • Jeremy

    won the water bottle

  • rpatrick1

    I won a trip to the RANCH!!!! WOOHOO!!!

    • Alicia Alston


      • rpatrick1


    • pamlivingston

      congrats and have fun!!!

      • rpatrick1

        Thank You!!

    • Jonathan Christopher Rys

      so you win everything, shoes skateboard ranch trip? whats your secret?

      • rpatrick1

        Just a GREAT month. I have never had a month like this before… And I am LOVIN it!!!

  • pamlivingston

    won the Zoom Energy Square. thanks snazzywin

  • Bubsgizmo

    I won the touchscreen gloves!

  • jnjntran

    won the crackle water bottle! small win, but i’ve been inactive and had a long dry spell. great way to reintroduce myself to this fun hobby! =)

  • Heather

    Won the HMDX Jam Party Bluetooth Speakers last night!

  • ali

    Just won the Sony Action Cam!

  • summatyme

    won the Zoom Energy Square

  • Becky AndKam Claflin

    Won the crackle water bottle ~ trade it for the ranch trip?? =) Thanks Snazzy.

  • breezer314

    Won the crackle water bottle

  • Asimina

    Won the zoom energy square:)

  • Becky AndKam Claflin

    Won the gloves! =)

  • Sean Moseuk

    Just won the HMDX Jam Party Bluetooth Speakers! ARV: $119.99!

  • Abby Kraynick Sovko

    Won one of the worst prizes…. Weird gloves. So sad, seems like everyone else won GREAT things

    • Sean Moseuk

      Just keep entering everyday! Maybe a ranch trip will come ur way!

    • Sean Moseuk

      I just realized there’s only one day left of the contest but there are always plenty of opportunities to win great prizes with Marlboro. For example I enter every Marlboro contest everyday and in the past I won a Ranch trip which was awesome! Won a $400 Fuji Mountain Bike, $250 Fuji Camera, Omaha Steaks, and a lot of small prizes. Just keep entering every day!

    • Katie

      Winning is better than nothing.. I haven’t won anything yet!

    • Tami Wojcik

      at least you can play. i live in mass so i cant play at all.

  • angelhart

    Won the water bottle

  • SonyaMariaBlack

    Just won the crackled water bottle!!! Yeah!!

  • Kathy Fleming

    won the crackled water bottle