MARLBORO $1,000,000 Big Dig Instant Win Sweepstakes

Marlboro Big Dig SweepstakesOh, boy! We’ve had plenty of Marlboro winners in prior promotions and hope to see some winners in this one because the grand prize winner will score a cool ONE MILLION DOLLARS! You’ll need to properly identify the correct location to be entered in that drawing. But, wait, it gets better. There are some HOT instant win prizes, including a new Jeep! You get to dig for an instant prize three times each day. Make sure to check your eligibility prior to entering.

Entry isn’t hard. First, you will need to click our link below, register or log-in on Marlboro, next click the graphic for the BIG DIG, and follow the instructions onscreen to locate places on the map to dig (you dig just by clicking a square.) Winners will be notified on-screen, INSTANTLY!

If you win a prize, please let us know what you won in the comments. We want to see some winners in this game! Good luck on your dig!

Sweepstakes Prize (Drawing from the pool of entrants who correctly identified the location):

  • 1 Grand Prize: $1,000,000 check and a trip to the Marlboro Ranch. Approx. retail value: $1,002,995.00.

Instant Win Game Prizes:

  • 6,666 Instant Prizes: Available prizes will vary by week and include a ton of variety, including a new Jeep 4×4 and cash! Approx. retail values up to: $49,000.00.

Prize limit: one prize per person per week.
Entry limit: 3 digs per day.

Eligibility: MARLBORO $1,000,000 Big Dig Instant Win Sweepstakes is open to smokers in the U.S.(excl. MA, MI, VA) & D.C., age 21+

For complete details and contact information, see the Official Rules (you must be logged in on their website to view) on the entry form.

*Information about this promotion is for entertainment purposes only. No material relationship between Snazzywin and the Sponsor(s) exists.

ENTER HERE: MARLBORO $1,000,000 Big Dig Instant Win Sweepstakes (excl. MA, MI, VA)
exp 08/10/2014

  • Lissy

    I went to enter today and they are all out of tools for this week….:(

    • Alicia Alston

      The tool is just a gift they are giving to subscribers. You can still enter the daily game by going to The Big Dig and then click on Daily Dig Map. :)

  • Michael Zemrose II

    won the leatherman tool

  • Lindsey VT Freebie

    I won the Stanley Lunch Box ($40 value) 2 weeks ago :)

    • Nora Grahe

      Where did you go to win it? Can you please help me, please! Thank You!

  • Julie

    Got my leatherman tool that I won a few weeks ago! It’s awesome and I gave it to my dad who’s thrilled with it!

  • Jeffrey Andersen

    won Stanley lunch box $40 value

  • mommapurser

    I have played everyday since start and nothing.

    • Kathryn Green

      Me, too.

  • Allyssa

    I still haven’t won on this one, am I misunderstanding? You don’t have to follow the clues do you? I thought that was only for the million. Just making sure it’s only bad luck lol

    • Eileen Richter

      The million is only to use the clues to win at the end. Digging means to uncover a space 3x for a chance to win other prizes. I have been playing every day too but no win.

  • Rushell Tuggle

    I won a customer cap

  • marsha webb

    Won a hat

  • breezer314

    I don’t like this sweep. Marlboro has had better ones in the past

    • JohnnyMac

      I don’t like it either. This is the first time I haven’t been able to win something on their sweeps.

      • Kathryn Green

        2nd time for me

  • carrie37076

    I won the cathartt jacket and a backpack

  • toni

    i have won nothing

  • Kerri hughes

    I don’t understand where to dig at? I only get a portion of the map so I can’t dig any where else. I dont get this contest at all. They don’t let you change places to dig.

    • Eileen Richter

      Kerri, the contest started with the first 4 clues saying it is East of redwood forrest CA, West of the St. Louis Arch, South of some International Park at the Canada border, and North of some trail in Texas? So the area shown to dig seems to be the area that they initially narrowed down the prize. That is my guess. I have not won either. I choose a section they show and do my 3 digs in a row, then onto the clues. The clues are actually done and they want the EXACT gps cooridinates to the prize. I am working on it but see many many people have given the same answers. Somewhere in Utah. It is not where I thought it might be. All the people who guess right are of course put in for the win and is done at random then. The dig prizes must be randomly timed too, like most if not all instant wins.

      • Kerri hughes

        Thank You, I guess I just have to keep trying and hopefully maybe get lucky.

  • Jackie Morrill

    Does Anyone Know the Location ……. Thanks Son going to college for R.N. Thanks

  • M.A.

    I won $3500 last week!!

    • Eileen Richter

      OH my gosh, way to go! That is so exciting to know that people do win big on those contests. I have dug my fingernails raw…lol…and nothing. Oh well.

  • kraz

    I already put in the coordinates and it says I can still dig but it won’t let me. For the past three days I’ve been trying to dig and it just keeps bouncing me back to the homepage with no explanation. I’ve tried two different browsers with all different browser settings and two different computers. Anyone else having this problem?

    • JohnnyMac

      When you get to the big dig homepage, don’t scroll down and click to dig. At the top by “menu” where they have main, big dig clues, etc., click on “daily dig map” and that will take you there.

      • kraz

        This worked. Thanks a million! (pun intended) :)

  • Julie

    I just won the java press travel mug! I always win the lowest prize but I love that on marlboro even the lower prizes are absolutely awesome!

  • JohnnyMac

    Now it says no prizes left to win. I dug twice and the third time it said that.