HARVEST SNAPS Shake the Season TWO Instant Win Games

Play the TWO Harvest Snaps instant win games for the chance to win $500 Visa gift cards and $500 Airline Vouchers in the HARVEST SNAPS Shake the Season TWO Instant Win Games. We remember the “Shake the Season” game from last year. There’s nothing more fun than virtually shaking this snow globe for a prize and I’d be really happy if I could get that $500 Visa, as would you! You get a few free shakes and then you have to perform some social shares and follows to earn more shakes. There is also a grand prize you can enter for after shaking. I’m sorry, but after a lot of looking, I cannot seem to locate the rules in this game. If you find the link to them, please leave it in the comments and I’ll attach it to this game. Good luck and please comment if you win. Thanks!
Shake the Season 2015

  • moushka

    Just won Harvest Snaps!