Happy 6th Birthday, Snazzywin

I cannot believe it. Snazzywin turns 6 years old today, September 23rd. Where did the time go? In those six years, we’ve had some BIG winners. Many Snazzy people have cashed HUGE checks, many have won vacations, many went to this year’s Big Game halftime show, and just about everybody has won a song download. When I go fishing and catch something barely bigger than a minnow, I call it a “song download.” It’s still a win, but you veterans know what I mean. When you are playing instant win games and you see, “Congratulations!” on the screen and your heart starts racing, right until you discover; it’s a coupon or song download. You tell yourself, “A win is a win, but that could have easily been a big win. Maybe, next time.” It’s the right attitude to have. Most of the wins are small, but it only takes one really big win to wipe away all of the small wins accumulated over the years. Scroll down and keep reading.

Happy 6th Birthday SnazzywinI’m often asked what my biggest win was. It was actually in an instant win game, not a sweepstakes. I won $50,000 CASH. I’ve got to tell you, when you spin up a win like that, you think you’ll be thrilled, but I was in complete disbelief. I thought, “No way. It’s a malfunction.” Less than 5 minutes later, an email arrived with attached documents and I just kept thinking, “This can’t be real.” It was 5:30 in the morning. I was barely awake for the day. The thing that made it seem the most real was the fact that the game was being administrated by ePrize, now known as HelloWorld. I knew they were legitimate, but I honestly didn’t count the money until the check cleared the bank and the whole process took less than 6 weeks to get that check in my hand. The next thing I had to do was pay estimated taxes to the IRS, so many thousands of it disappeared immediately, but what was left, I put to good use.

I’ve told you that story because I want you to know that happened almost 6 years ago. That money helped me create this little website and pay to advertise it online, so you could find it. All of my favorite sweeps and instant win sites had disappeared in 2009 and I wanted there to be a place for people who want to win playing instant win games. I wanted there to be a simple and easy list for people who play the games every day. If you see other sites around the internet with similar lists, it’s a possibility they were inspired by Snazzywin. The one thing that no other site can duplicate is the magic that this site has been infused with. Everything that happened to make this site come to life and stick around through a lot of professional and personal turmoil, it was all very serendipitous. Some people make fun of the name “Snazzywin” and I always tell them that my first two domain choices were already taken. It is true. After my first two choices weren’t available, I sat back in my chair and thought about it for less than a minute, I typed in “Snazzywin.com”, which was available for purchase and I bought it without even a pause. I really didn’t care what it was called, but I wanted it short and I wanted the word “win” in it. I didn’t want there to be any doubt that the site was about “winning.” After 6 years, there is no doubt; it has been all about winning.

This site is really about YOU. It’s about you winning. Don’t get me wrong, I love to win, but seeing you win has given me more personal satisfaction than any job I’ve ever had. I am not responsible for your win because YOU took the initiative to enter, but if I helped facilitate it, I am so grateful. Most people just want to help others in some way, even if it’s small. Many of you have left comments with codes and other tips and have helped me win some prizes, too. I thank you for that.

Here’s to another 6 years of winning!



  • Walter hall e Bubba Hall

    What does happy birthday mean under your name

  • Walter hall e Bubba Hall

    If I want something my name is Walter Hall please call me because I think somebody is trying to claim a prize can you text back on here yes or no if I want

  • janice joyner

    Happy, Happy Birthday!!! May we all have winning days!!

  • Everose

    Happy Birthday!!!????

  • valshet

    Thanks – Snazzywin is a great site & I always tell new sweepers to signup & visit often!

  • Diane Mayer-Miller

    Happy Anniversary Snazzy and keep up the good work. I have won a bunch of little stuff but I am working on winning the grand prize!

  • Jennifer Reetz

    Hello there Snazzywin!! I want to say Happy Birthday !!!