FISHER NUTS My Fresh Twist 2015 Recipe Contest and Sweepstakes

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Enter the FISHER NUTS My Fresh Twist Recipe Contest and Sweepstakes for a chance to win your name in lights, featuring your winning recipe on their website, a flashy trip to New York City, where you will get to meet Chef Alex Guarnaschelli and much more. 19 finalists will score a $100 Visa gift card and an autographed cookbook by Chef Alex. Each week, 10 winners will be drawn for a Fisher Nuts Sampler pack and a Chef Alex cookbook. There will be 40 total winners in the sweepstakes. The combined total of all the prizes is 60. I think we can get a winner out of this one. I have that old lucky feeling again. Dust off one of your old personal recipes, add some nuts and get your entry in. Good luck, my friends! You may enter this promotion as many times as you want, but EACH RECIPE ENTRY MUST BE UNIQUE.

This is a recipe contest and it also has a weekly sweepstakes. WAIT! Before you run away and think it’s too hard to enter, just note that your original recipe only has to have almonds, walnuts, or pecans in it. You can add one of those nuts to just about any old family recipe you already have and bingo, you’ve got a recipe to enter with! You don’t even have to have a photo. See, that’s not so hard. If you really want the best shot at one of the contest prizes, a photo is recommended.

  • Eligibility: 48 Contiguous U.S. & D.C., age 18+…
  • For complete details and contact information, see the Official Rules on the entry form.
  • Ends October 20, 2015
  • This contest ends in just a couple of weeks and very few people have entered. I smell opportunity for you! If you’ve got an old recipe you can update with almonds, walnuts, or pecans, don’t delay.

    Top prize is a trip to NYC and meeting Chef Alex
    19 finalists will score a $100 Visa gift card and an autographed cookbook by Chef Alex
    10 winners each week are drawn for a Fisher Nuts Sampler pack and a Chef Alex cookbook

    Enter and good luck!

  • I just got an email from Fisher that MY RECIPE was one of the weekly winners in the drawing and I’m getting the Fisher Nuts Sampler pack and a Chef Alex cookbook!!! Yippee!

    Believe it or not, hardly anyone has entered this. We’ve only had 7 people from Snazzywin enter this one. Can you believe it??? Listen, I know it takes a little bit of time to enter. It took me about 15 minutes, but if you’ve got an old recipe you can add nuts into, you should ENTER. I just used my original meatloaf recipe and added nuts and I didn’t even include a photo. I only entered ONE TIME and this has unlimited entries.

    It ends October 20th, so get your entries in. I want one of you to win that trip to NYC!

    • Betsy

      Well I entered. It’s a totally lame recipe of crackers pepperoni and cheese with walnuts of course. Lol. I really didn’t have any ideas. Maybe I’ll get the random prize though ???? I’m going to work on another “real” recipe tonight

      • I’m glad you got an entry in. We’ve only had 14 unique entrants from Snazzywin. I’m going to enter another recipe before this ends, next Tuesday. I’d like one of those 19 finalist prizes with the $100 Visa. Good luck to everyone!

  • christine porter

    contest ended October 20???

  • christine porter

    ok thank you!!!!