Hanging In There

Many websites don’t stand the test of time because they run into financial difficulties. Snazzywin is struggling, but I will do all I can to keep it alive. I’ve made decisions, that in retrospect, weren’t the right decisions for this website. I listened to “experts” who told me to jam more and more into each post, but often, much of what was included in the posts, was a duplication of the official rules. There is a search engine penalty called, “duplicate content” and this can actually hurt a website. When I breakdown the rules for you, the bots that crawl the site daily, see all of that duplicate content as something they’ve already seen on another site (usually the official rules, themselves) and they discount the content as all “duplicate.” When this happens, it hurts the post from ranking in search engines, so internet searchers don’t find the Snazzywin posts (they would need to look on page 2, 3, 4…) and it lowers the overall domain authority of the website. Snazzywin almost never gets a free visitor anymore and we used to be ranked 1st for everything to do with instant win games. I have to pay to be seen in search engines and have just about run out of money for that. I used to pay for Twitter and Facebook ads, too, but have totally run out of money for that.

The truth is, all this website was ever supposed to be, is a list of the instant win game links. I really just wanted a list (for me) to be able to play from and I couldn’t find a good list at that time, 2009,  so I started this one. The blog or “comments:details” section was added, just so you could comment when you win or if you have a tip, trick, or code you’d like to share. It was a huge mistake, on my part, to start including all of that additional detail. As is evident, I almost never have time to play the games, myself. While it made the website super easy to get the information, without having to visit the official rules, it was taking way too long to post games (sometimes in excess of 30-45 minutes for a single instant win game.) This was always a recipe for disaster for a small website, like this one.

I also want to share with you that there will be some weekdays when you won’t see updates. I will try to make it uncommon, but I only get to see my husband two days a week. Sometimes, that involves me driving down 3 hours to see him on a weekday and turning around and driving back the next day. Life is all about compromise. I cannot live in the city he works due to breathing issues (it’s very smoggy) and he cannot live here in the sticks for his profession. I can take the city air for no more than one night a week and he often only has one or two nights a week to spend here, so there it is. Remember, we are renovating our fixer upper, so the one or two nights per week he is at home – you can guess he’s working hard on this house. He really wants me to visit the city once per week, and I really want to. Let’s see if I can juggle all of this and keep the website updated.

I will do my best to get the games on here FASTER. The faster I get them on here, the better it is for you and me. If anyone wants to take the initiative to bust out the prize breakdowns or any other details in the comments, go right ahead. Just be aware, your comment will be held in the moderation queue if you include a link. I appreciate how others have offered their time to help with the content portion, but this is still a for-profit and I cannot work you for free. I can only work myself for free, but like I said, if you want to post in the comments, go ahead. I have ZERO problem with you including game details and other pertinent information in the comments, if that’s what you want to do. You’ll probably get a ton of upvotes in Disqus.

Thanks for your understanding and thanks for making Snazzywin a fun part of your day.

Best of luck in the games,

Melissa S.


Back from Vacation – I Hope You Take One, Too

I’m back! Did you miss me? You may have noticed that Snazzywin didn’t receive its daily updates. I took the week off and it was great! I took a mini-vacay with a relative and got to stay in a nice hotel. I hope you get to take a little vacation, too. It was wonderful! I have been back to battling bugs in my remodeling since I got back. Really, I am living in just about the worst conditions of my life and staying in that nice hotel just made me a little bummed when I got back. I sleep in the kitchen, which is old and extremely gross. No cleaners on the planet can conquer this level of grossness.

The kitchen continues to have a gnat problem that no amount of foggers or bug spray can end. These little buggers could survive any apocalypse scenario. The worst part is the spiders that eat the gnats. I have so many spider bites and they take forever to heal. It was nice to be in a hotel and let my bite wounds heal. I came back with fly paper, which seems to be the only thing helping with the gnats, but it causes my eyes to water and my sinuses get stuffed up from the glue. I guess I have to pick my poison: gnats and the spiders who eat them or fly paper glue. I’m choosing the fly paper glue. Since I’ve been home, I haven’t received another spider bite, so let’s hope I don’t get any more. I’ve seen every variety of spider – even black widow spiders in the house. I never see the spiders that bite me, but they always bite around 3am and wake me up. Ugh! I cannot wait until I have some walls closed in and the insanity starts to end. I’ve been promised to have my bedroom closed in and ready to move into by August 1st. Here’s hoping that turns into a reality. If you’re feeling down, just remember how AWFUL my living conditions are and think about how much better you have it than me. Trust me, you have it WAY better than me right now in the “living conditions” department. My toilet is in a busted-out room with just a curtain for a door. This really sucks and my patience has whittled away since October. I can’t wait to get back to a time when I can actually play the instant win games again, myself. I don’t win because I’m not playing in them, but when you consider my situation, you can understand why.

Seriously, I appreciate everyone who is posting about their wins in the games and sweeps on this website. Some days, those winning remarks are the only thing getting me out of my twin bed in the kitchen and giving me the oomph to continue on and get back to work here. You all make my day in many ways with your comments and I appreciate how everyone on this site roots for each other. It’s such a positive environment! Who could be depressed with all of these good vibes? I’m still making my way through all of these emails and game submissions, so I appreciate your patience. It may take me a day or two to get all of the new stuff on.

Thanks for coming to this website so often and giving me a reason to keep doing it! I hope you win some good stuff.


2015 NCAA Tournament “March Madness” Bracket Challenges Contests List

It’s March Madness! If you’ve been looking for a list of 2015 tournament bracket challenges and contests for the chance to win cash and prizes, I have compiled this one with some good and FREE bracket challenges for the 2015 NCAA Tournament. Some of them even have a “Random” button for those of you who don’t want to pick teams individually. There are also some with round by round features and some will have “Second Chance” brackets, just in case your bracket busts early. Scroll down and enter for your chance to win prizes!

2015 Bracket Challenges Contests ListEvery year, I fill out a bracket in hopes of winning a tournament challenge. Several years ago, I chose correctly with a No.4 seed going all the way and they did. It was exciting because I won a lot of prizes from several different bracket contests. These are possible to win in, but some skill is helpful. If you know nothing, just perform an internet search and you can mimic someone else’s bracket for 2015, just making a few changes here and there. At least, that would be an educated guess, but they don’t call it “Madness” for nothing. Anything can happen. Good luck with your bracket!

  1. CBS Sports Bracket Challenge AND Round by Round
  2. Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick’em
  3. Fox Sports Bracket Challenge 2015
  4. ESPN Tournament Challenge 2015
  5. Sports Illustrated College Hoops Bracket Challenge
  6. Scout Weekly Bracket Challenge
  7. Athlon Sports Bracket Breakdown Contest
  8. Jiffy Tickets 2015 Bracket Challenge
  9. Liberty Tax $1,000,000 Bracket Cash and Gadget Giveaway 

Once you’re done with those, you can enter the Coke Zero Bracket Sweepstakes, which doesn’t require any skill because they will randomly award you with teams each time you play.

If you like this kind of stuff, we have instant win games and sweepstakes listed on this website, too. When you’re done entering your brackets, take a look around and enter some more promotions for even more chances to win. Thanks for visiting Snazzywin.com!


ALBERTSONS “Monopoly 2015″ Rare Game Pieces List

This for all of you playing the 2015 Albertsons Monopoly Game. I have compiled lists of the rare and common game pieces for the MON-08 promotion. Obviously, most people are looking for the RARE pieces. Not to be left out, I am also looking to score the rare game pieces. I have never won in the Albertsons Monopoly promotion, but I keep playing because it’s my white whale. I may never win in this game, but I’ll never stop trying. I’m sure many of you feel the exact same way. It’s the challenge that keeps us coming back.

If you want all of the details of the game, please check it out here: Albertsons 2015 Monopoly Game
Scroll down to see the rare game pieces list and the common game pieces list.

Albertsons Play Monopoly MON-08 2015

RARE Game Pieces List

  • $5 Grocery gift card 213Z
  • $10 Grocery gift card 207Y
  • $15 Grocery gift card 204X
  • $25 Cash 202W
  • $25 Grocery gift card 197V
  • $50 Grocery g.c. 191U
  • $100 Grocery g.c. 188S
  • $100 Cash 184R
  • $500 Apple iPad Air 174O
  • $200 Cash 179Q
  • $200 Grocery g.c. 177P
  • $550 Redbox g.c. 167N
  • $1,000 Getaway 165M
  • $1,000 Cash 160L
  • $2,500 BigJoe Grill 158K
  • $5,000 Cash 153J
  • $10,000 Vacation 146H, 147H
  • $10,000 Jet Ski 142G, 145G
  • $20,000 College Tuition 137F, 138F
  • $35,000 Vehicle 131E, 134E
  • $50,000 Home Makeover 125D, 126D
  • $100,000 Cash/Tesla 117C, 122C
  • $500,000 Vacation Home 110B, 113B
  • $1,000,000 Cash 105A, 107A

COMMON Game Pieces List

  • $5 Grocery gift card 211Z, 212Z, 214Z
  • $10 Grocery gift card 208Y, 209Y, 210Y
  • $15 Grocery gift card 203X, 205X, 206X
  • $25 Cash 199W, 200W, 201W
  • $25 Grocery gift card 195V, 196V, 198V
  • $50 Grocery g.c. 192U, 193U, 194U
  • $100 Grocery g.c. 187S, 189S, 190S
  • $100 Cash 183R, 185R, 186R
  • $500 Apple iPad Air 171O, 172O, 173O
  • $200 Cash 180Q, 181Q, 182Q
  • $200 Grocery g.c. 175P, 176P, 178P
  • $550 Redbox g.c. 168N, 169N, 170N
  • $1,000 Getaway 163M, 164M, 166M
  • $1,000 Cash 159L, 161L, 162L
  • $2,500 BigJoe Grill 155K, 156K, 157K
  • $5,000 Cash 151J, 152J, 154J
  • $10,000 Vacation 148H, 149H, 150H
  • $10,000 Jet Ski 141G, 143G, 144G
  • $20,000 College Tuition 135F, 136F, 139F, 140F
  • $35,000 Vehicle 129E, 130E, 132E, 133E
  • $50,000 Home Makeover 123D, 124D, 127D, 128D
  • $100,000 Cash/Tesla 118C, 119C, 120C, 121C
  • $500,000 Vacation Home 109B, 111B, 112B, 114B, 115B, 116B
  • $1,000,000 Cash 101A, 102A, 103A, 104A, 106A, 108A

If you manage to score yourself a rare piece and win a prize, please leave a comment. It would be refreshing to see a winner in this promotion.

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By popular demand, we’ve added the “Pinterest” button to all articles. YEAH! All new articles from today, January 16th and moving forward can be pinned. Also, all of the older, but still active, instant win games can be pinned. There were a lot of changes that had to made in order to get Pinterest to grab the proper images from the site, but it seems to be working great and you should try it out.

Also, Snazzywin is now on Pinterest and all of the new content from today and moving forward will be pinned to Snazzywin’s boards: Instant Win Games, Sweepstakes, Free Stuff. Plus, if you follow Snazzywin, we will follow you back.

Pin away! – Snazzy



Website Changes – Oh my! Now, Snazzier than EVER!

You hate changes, right? I hate changes, too. On some occasions, changes are for the better. There have been some changes going on with Snazzywin. My other sites are being phased out and all of the content will be right here, at Snazzywin.com. This is a change for the better and long overdue.

I didn’t want to jinx anything by tooting a horn too soon, but many of you have noticed that FREE STUFF is back on the menu at Snazzywin and more new free stuff will be coming. If the instant win games aren’t lucky for you, at least you can get something free from the FREE STUFF and that’s kind of like winning.

Also, traditional SWEEPSTAKES have started to trickle onto Snazzywin. I’m looking for those coveted, daily entry, daily drawings sweepstakes because they are pretty close to being instant win games. I’ll also share sweepstakes with prizes you want to win. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I’m working on a sweepstakes list, so keep an eye on the menu and it will magically appear next week. I’m sorting out all of the different entry types, starting with those coveted daily entry, daily drawings for prizes. This is going to be great for you because it will be easy to enter more promotions and you will have even more chances to win on the Snazziest website around.

Also, you may have noticed, we have new share buttons at the bottom of every article. Now, you can share the good stuff with your Facebook friends or Twitter followers with ease. Shares are a very good thing! If you’re not already following Snazzywin, be sure to follow on Facebook and on Twitter. If you see something you like, please give it a LIKE or SHARE. More shares = more promotions added to Snazzywin.

You can SUBSCRIBE to our daily dose of Snazzy; it’s a morning email roundup of everything new in the last 24 hours, so you won’t miss a thing.

One last thing, for those of you with a full widescreen view on a desktop, laptop, or television, you will see the pink jewels as our background on the sides of the page. I thought it would be a fun background for you and everyone seems to love the bling!

Let’s make 2015 our most winning year, ever.

Good luck in the games and sweepstakes!



Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from Snazzywin!

It’s time to win those last few prizes before the ball drops in Times Square, marking the end of another year. This time of year is always a little unpredictable for me. I don’t evenly celebrate the holidays. Some years, I’m on the go and visiting family and other years, I’m tucked away, like a hermit. If you find yourself more on the hermit side during the holidays or if you’re hiding from the family and looking for something interesting to pass the time, I’ve got just the thing.

One common trait among us (instant win gamers) is that we are all quite frugal. Personally, I think frugality is one of the best traits a person can have. Although, I must admit, I was astonished when I saw a guy on Oprah who washed and reused Ziploc baggies. I think that’s a little extreme, but frugal people like to share tips and like to see how other people live, frugally.

I recently saw a documentary called, “Without Bound” that left quite an impression. The documentary was about “mobile living.” At first, I had no idea what that was. I am a fan of the tiny house shows, so this seemed interesting to me. We all like to see how other people live and what they live in. It turns out; these are people who actually live in RVs and vans. At first, I was like, “People living in vans, for real?” I had no idea how many people choose to live in vans and apparently, love it. I’m definitely not encouraging any of you to go live in a van or RV, but this is an interesting depiction of a life many of us never knew existed.

I was left asking myself tons of questions after watching it. I know the filmmaker and asked him if he plans on trying this lifestyle out and he said that he’s considering it for next summer. He’s a professor, so he’s off work during summers and would have the opportunity to “try it out.” Personally, I would never make it on the road. I quickly pointed out to him that the logistics for an instant win gamer would be challenging. You can’t use a PO Box for your contact information, but I guess if you had a reliable friend that would let you use their address, maybe that would work? There’s a guy in the documentary who said that only hermits live in houses. I think I might be the hermit he’s speaking of. It’s only bad to be a hermit if you don’t like it. For a highly sociable person, this “mobile living” lifestyle is probably great, but if you’re more like me, you might not like living this way. No matter what you think of these people choosing to be without a stick house, this is a very thought-provoking documentary about a different way of life. If you like the documentary, please share it with others. If you leave any comments here, I will forward them to the professor. I’m sure he’d love to hear what you think about his documentary.

2015 New Year

Most of all, I hope you spend your holidays exactly how you want to spend them and if it’s in a van down by the river, good luck to you! I’d love to hear if any of you have won a prize while on-the-go, whether it be in an RV, camping, while on vacation, or even at an airport. It’s exciting to hear about people winning on their mobiles and tablets.

We no longer live in a world where we are shackled to our desktop computers and that leads to all kinds of possibilities and the ability to live a lifestyle that best suits each individual. You can make your 2015 whatever you want it to be.

Happy Holidays and I’m wishing everyone a prosperous 2015!