Are We Cautious Thrill-seekers?

I was thinking about instant win games and why we play them. Why do we play them? Is it just about the prizes? For me, the answer is, “No!” In the beginning of my playing, way back in 1998, it was all about the prizes. I was extremely impoverished and winning things was the only way I could acquire them. The more I played, the more I realized that the part I liked the most, was the actual moment of winning. I recently watched a documentary on Mt. Everest and the people who climb it. I would never want to climb a mountain or skydive or anything remotely that dangerous. Do we have anything in common with these people? I think we do.

We like to win. There is a certain thrill that comes from winning. Much like those climbers, who seek the summit as their moment of achievement, we reach for that moment of the win in the same way. There is a big difference, though. Our investment is just a little time. We seek out that winning thrill in the comfort of our homes, usually in our pjs. The real thrill-seekers are the adventurers who invest tons of time, money, and an enormous amount of effort. In the end, though, don’t we achieve the same thing? The feeling of having tried something, with no guarantee of success, and the exhilarating feeling of accomplishment when the thing we sought after actually comes to fruition. It’s that moment of, “Yes, I did it!”

I am going to call us, “The Cautious Thrill-seekers.” They won’t write our names down in books and most people will never know of our achievements, but we have achieved something that very few people ever do. I know tons of people who have never won a thing in their lives. Then again, I never see those people entering anything, so of course, they don’t win. I will never reach the summit of Everest because I will never try; those who have never won a prize, probably never will, because they don’t enter. We are a unique group of people with our eyes set firmly on our summit, seeing a, “Congratulations! You won!” message on the screen.

Just when I was certain that I had nothing in common with thrill seekers, I realized we, too, are thrill-seekers. We make it happen through sheer will and determination. We are the instant win gamers, cautious thrill-seekers.


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As for the advertising, you may see some new mobile ads.

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Another thing, we are going to start having some coupons. They will fall under the “free stuff” tab with their own tab “coupons.” I haven’t ventured into that yet, but to maintain the site, it’s happening. I will share the best of the best: Only coupons that I would take advantage of because they are of high value or will make the item close to being free.

I’m adding the instant win games, but give me some time. It may take many days or more to get them all on. I’m hoping to have this thing fully going within the next two weeks.

Happy you came back! Time to start winning again!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Look what I got in the mail.

Many people are heading away for the holidays and I just wanted to take this time to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 2015 was quite a year. It finished off nicely for me winning those Harley boots! It was one of my biggest wins this year. I didn’t enter much, so I didn’t expect to win much. Next year, my resolution is to enter more promotions, so I can win more.

I’d love to hear about the big prizes you won this year or even the small prizes that meant a lot. I say it all the time, but it’s always true – I love to see YOU winning. It makes my day! I want to add a lot more promotions when I see you winning. Obviously, this isn’t a huge website, so my incentive to keep plugging away at it is to benefit you and I never know if you’ve won unless you tell me. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my people, Snazzywinners, winning! It was the whole point of creating this website so many years ago. It was about sharing the promotions with other like-minded people who wanted to win prizes. Sure, it’s fun to play all kinds of games online, but I like playing them a whole lot more when there is a chance for a prize.

Speaking of prizes, my mail carrier brought my Crystal Pepsi 6-pack to my door today. It’s very exciting for me because I remember when Crystal Pepsi was around in ’92 and ’93. Those were high school years for me and it was a favorite beverage for me. It’s fun to see it back! I posted a picture on Facebook and Instagram. Did any of you win, too?

Please comment and let me know about the prizes you won in 2015. I’m still trying to win a car. Actually, I’ve been trying to win a car since 1998. I may never win it, but I will keep trying. I’ve won a lot of stuff over all those years while trying to win that elusive car prize. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed. Maybe, someday.


I Got a Freebie Surprise in the Mail from TRESemmé

What a surprise! I got a surprise box in the mail today from TRESemmé with two full size hair products and a pamphlet telling me they would be following up with an email and asking for a review. This must just be a freebie they sent out to people who had requested their samples in the past. I’m wondering if any of you got this freebie box, too. If you got one, please leave me a comment and let me know what you got. Hair care products are expensive. I’m thrilled to have received such a nice gift. Also, check out my bottle opener prize from the Corona game, below. I’m having a good mail week. I hope you are, too.


It’s Hump Day! Look what I won.

Thank goodness for Hump Day! We are sliding toward the weekend after this. I wanted to let you know I got my weekly sweepstakes prize from the Fisher Nuts Contest and Sweepstakes. The Fisher promotion is over, so if you snoozed, you losed (that’s not a word, but it works in this sentence.) I told you about my win a couple of weeks before the promotion ended. I know it was a bit difficult to enter the contest, but it was worth it. I rarely win in sweepstakes. Instant win games are much luckier for me. I have a sneaky suspicion that I didn’t have much competition in that early sweepstakes drawing. I scored three large bags of Fisher nuts and a cookbook. I’m thrilled! I can use all of it. If any of you won something from that promotion, I’d love to hear about it.

Fisher Nuts Sweepstakes Prize

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Happy 6th Birthday, Snazzywin

I cannot believe it. Snazzywin turns 6 years old today, September 23rd. Where did the time go? In those six years, we’ve had some BIG winners. Many Snazzy people have cashed HUGE checks, many have won vacations, many went to this year’s Big Game halftime show, and just about everybody has won a song download. When I go fishing and catch something barely bigger than a minnow, I call it a “song download.” It’s still a win, but you veterans know what I mean. When you are playing instant win games and you see, “Congratulations!” on the screen and your heart starts racing, right until you discover; it’s a coupon or song download. You tell yourself, “A win is a win, but that could have easily been a big win. Maybe, next time.” It’s the right attitude to have. Most of the wins are small, but it only takes one really big win to wipe away all of the small wins accumulated over the years. Scroll down and keep reading.

Happy 6th Birthday SnazzywinI’m often asked what my biggest win was. It was actually in an instant win game, not a sweepstakes. I won $50,000 CASH. I’ve got to tell you, when you spin up a win like that, you think you’ll be thrilled, but I was in complete disbelief. I thought, “No way. It’s a malfunction.” Less than 5 minutes later, an email arrived with attached documents and I just kept thinking, “This can’t be real.” It was 5:30 in the morning. I was barely awake for the day. The thing that made it seem the most real was the fact that the game was being administrated by ePrize, now known as HelloWorld. I knew they were legitimate, but I honestly didn’t count the money until the check cleared the bank and the whole process took less than 6 weeks to get that check in my hand. The next thing I had to do was pay estimated taxes to the IRS, so many thousands of it disappeared immediately, but what was left, I put to good use.

I’ve told you that story because I want you to know that happened almost 6 years ago. That money helped me create this little website and pay to advertise it online, so you could find it. All of my favorite sweeps and instant win sites had disappeared in 2009 and I wanted there to be a place for people who want to win playing instant win games. I wanted there to be a simple and easy list for people who play the games every day. If you see other sites around the internet with similar lists, it’s a possibility they were inspired by Snazzywin. The one thing that no other site can duplicate is the magic that this site has been infused with. Everything that happened to make this site come to life and stick around through a lot of professional and personal turmoil, it was all very serendipitous. Some people make fun of the name “Snazzywin” and I always tell them that my first two domain choices were already taken. It is true. After my first two choices weren’t available, I sat back in my chair and thought about it for less than a minute, I typed in “”, which was available for purchase and I bought it without even a pause. I really didn’t care what it was called, but I wanted it short and I wanted the word “win” in it. I didn’t want there to be any doubt that the site was about “winning.” After 6 years, there is no doubt; it has been all about winning.

This site is really about YOU. It’s about you winning. Don’t get me wrong, I love to win, but seeing you win has given me more personal satisfaction than any job I’ve ever had. I am not responsible for your win because YOU took the initiative to enter, but if I helped facilitate it, I am so grateful. Most people just want to help others in some way, even if it’s small. Many of you have left comments with codes and other tips and have helped me win some prizes, too. I thank you for that.

Here’s to another 6 years of winning!




To the Person and/or Company That Wants Me to Remove a Facebook Post

I keep receiving a notification that some entity requested that I remove a Facebook post on July 24th. I cannot access the actual message and don’t know who it was from or what post it was regarding. I don’t know if it was deleted or is bugged out on the Facebook side of things. I always remove posts when companies want me to and it very rarely ever happens, so it’s not a big deal, at all, to remove a post. If this person and/or entity would like to contact me again, I will gladly comply. I need to know who it’s coming from or I’d have to delete EVERY Facebook post. I just wanted this person and/or entity to know that I’m not ignoring them. Please use my contact form.

This is all I can see of the message and when I click on it, NOTHING. I’m sorry I can’t help what I can’t see and there are ZERO messages inbox, archived, etc. at this time. All I can find of it is the “Notification” and perhaps the sender deleted it after sending.

Remove Post from Facebook