CAMEL Taste It All Instant Win Game

Camel Taste It All PromotionCAMEL is serving up another fabulous promotion and all of the prizes are MasterCard codes! If you win, you can buy whatever you want at any online retailer that takes MasterCard!

Aren’t these our favorite kind of prizes? It’s almost like winning cash; not quite, but close!

TIP: Look for the “Instant Win Game” graphic after logging-in on their site to enter this promotion.

Instant Win Game Prizes:

  • 10,000 Grand Prizes: $50 MasterCard® Prepaid Code. ARV: $50.00.
  • 25,000 First Prizes: $25 MasterCard® Prepaid Code. ARV: $25.00.

Prize limit: one grand prize and one first prize per person.
Entry limit: once per day.

Eligibility: CAMEL Taste It All Instant Win Game is open to 48 U.S. (excl. MA, MI) & D.C., age 21+, tobacco consumers

For complete details and contact information, see the Official Rules (you must be logged in on their site to view the rules) on the entry form.

*Information about this promotion is for entertainment purposes only. No material relationship between Snazzywin and the Sponsor(s) exists.

ENTER HERE: CAMEL Taste It All Instant Win (excl. MA, MI)
exp 12/24/13

  • angelhart

    Won $25 last week

  • rachel lynn

    won $50 the other day but wasn’t able to redeem it since the code said it was expired already :l

    • Mary J

      This happens all the time. It happened to me when I won $50 during Camel’s last promotion. Look on the Camel website, there is an email to contact them to report the problem. It might take a few emails back and forth, but you should be able to get it resolved.

  • Jeremy

    won $50 lost code due to suspended code from my info supposedly not matching up to the website. Never had this happen before and have won many Camel ecodes. Same info as last time guys! And so begins the emailing…

    • Jenn Jackson

      call camelup2u rewards. they will get it sorted. these codes are a pain in the rear. took me 3 weeks to get a code to generate the last time. then its also a pain in the rear to sometimes use them. So i order walmart cards with it. and have it sent to my house

      • Jeremy

        Thanks Jenn! I just had to send them a couple screenshots of what is happening and they will fix hopefully. Ill keep everything posted.

      • Johanna

        Quick question… When you buy walmart gift cards do you have trouble? Walmart keeps telling me my security code does not match up… Is the security code the same as what camel calls the CVV?

        • Brenda Wilson

          You can no longer buy gift cards with the codes. You must purchase merchandise.

  • angelhart

    Won $50

  • Debra Stotts

    I won a 50.00 ecode last night. Tried to register it and it says ecode has already been issued or redeemed. Sigh…I wish camel would get their “beep” together. It’s always an issue with them :/

    • Margaret

      so true. I had problems with the last 2 I won. Never got the issues fixed then they expired. I said expired from day 1. I still play but I don’t get excited when I win…I get excited if they actually work! lol Good luck!

    • angelhart

      I won the $50 and $25 and for once didn’t have a problem with them. I had a problem with the Hump Day one I won last month though and someone had told me to try registering it through the Snus web site which worked. It was a different error (said code not found), but maybe try that and see if it works.

  • Jennifer Dittmeier

    won $25 thanks snazzy

  • Gabrielle Ponsness

    I won $50 🙂 and am buying some new gauges and some contacts for halloween 🙂

  • summatyme

    Won 25.00 🙂 redemed code with no problems

  • connieblack

    Just won a $50. GC. Very happy….I have been in a dry spell for sometime now!

  • Kendra

    Won 50.00 Gift Card

  • Alicia Alston

    Just won $25!!!

  • Tabatha Lake

    Won $25 e code.

  • Rushell Tuggle

    Won $25 today, says code is expired when trying to redeem. Guess I’ll be contacting Up2U monday morning. never had this problem before.

  • LdoubleG

    Won $25. Time to invest in an Amazon gift card…

  • Kelly K

    Won $25 but can’t seem to get a code:(

  • Katie

    Just won a $25 gift card!

  • jeffery

    just won $50

    • MelissaSayWhat


  • Jennica Ward

    Finally won $25 =)

  • Becky AndKam Claflin

    Just won $25!!

  • Destynee Sandifer

    My dad won $25 dollar gift code. I sadly have to wait one more year lol.