CAMEL Taste It All Instant Win Game

Camel Taste It All PromotionCAMEL is serving up another fabulous promotion and all of the prizes are MasterCard codes! If you win, you can buy whatever you want at any online retailer that takes MasterCard!

Aren’t these our favorite kind of prizes? It’s almost like winning cash; not quite, but close!

TIP: Look for the “Instant Win Game” graphic after logging-in on their site to enter this promotion.

Instant Win Game Prizes:

  • 10,000 Grand Prizes: $50 MasterCard® Prepaid Code. ARV: $50.00.
  • 25,000 First Prizes: $25 MasterCard® Prepaid Code. ARV: $25.00.

Prize limit: one grand prize and one first prize per person.
Entry limit: once per day.

Eligibility: CAMEL Taste It All Instant Win Game is open to 48 U.S. (excl. MA, MI) & D.C., age 21+, tobacco consumers

For complete details and contact information, see the Official Rules (you must be logged in on their site to view the rules) on the entry form.

*Information about this promotion is for entertainment purposes only. No material relationship between Snazzywin and the Sponsor(s) exists.

ENTER HERE: CAMEL Taste It All Instant Win (excl. MA, MI)
exp 12/24/13

  • Rushell Tuggle

    Won a $50 code

  • JOJO

    Won the $50 E-Code tonight : )

  • carrie37076

    total pain in the but now I cant even log in.. horrible customer service crappy promotion

    • angelhart

      Did you try logging into the Snus one? You can play the Taste it all game from there too (it’ll say match game but it’s the same one)

  • Raven T.

    Won $25

  • Betsy

    won 25 dollar ecode on the 11th . The games were acting up a bit that day so I did not know I won. nice surprise in my swag box.

  • Johanna

    My husband won a $50 and $25 code… Is that possible? Can you win one of each?

    • Jeremy

      each person can win one of each from each game. example, husband wan win 50 and 25 from a game and you can win 50 and 25 too from the same game.

      • Johanna

        Thanks Jeremy, I thought so, but wanted to make sure what I read was true. Thanks!

  • Melissa Lissy Mitchell-Wallick

    Won 25.00 last night 🙂

  • Katie

    Just won a $50 gift card! Won both of them now! Woohoo! 🙂

  • Jessika Harris

    I won a $25.00 code 3 days ago and a $50.00 code tonight!!!!

    Having trouble redeeming them, but I have been e-mailing Camel to sort things out 🙂

  • breezer314

    Won $25 today!

  • Tabatha Lake

    Won $25 Mastercard ecard.

  • Jared Fredriksen

    i won the $25 and $50 mastercard gift card now

  • jasimeen jones

    won the $25 ecode. Took me a minute to redeem it because it was saying my info wasn’t matching. Tried it again later and it finally went through.

  • breezer314

    Won $50 today. $25 last week!

  • Kelly K

    Won $50

  • angelhart

    Make sure you check your swag. I just saw that I had a $50 code from last week, thinking maybe from Spark of Inspiration since I already won 50 and 25 from this game. I never got an email and it just says “program” under the swag. Was a nice surprise though.