CAMEL Spin to Win 2013 Instant Win Game

Camel Spin and Win 2013 Instant Win GameEnter the CAMEL Spin to Win 2013 Instant Win Game and you could win a gift card!

Instant Win Game Prizes:

  • 6,000 Grand Prizes: $50 Mastercard Prepaid Code. ARV: $50.00.
  • 15,000 First Prizes: $25 Mastercard Prepaid Code. ARV: $25.00.

Prize limit: one Grand Prize and one First Prize per person.
Entry limit: once per day.

Eligibility: CAMEL Spin to Win 2013 Daily Instant Win Game is open to U.S. (excl. MA, MI) & D.C., age 21+, tobacco consumers

For complete details and contact information, see the Official Rules on the entry form.

*Information about this promotion is for entertainment purposes only. No material relationship between Snazzywin and the Sponsor(s) exists.

ENTER HERE: CAMEL Spin to Win Instant Win Game (excl. MA, MI)
exp 04/23/13

  • can’t seem to redeem the credit card code ANYWHERE! any advice?

    • Ashley Pointelin

      I transferred mine to my Starbucks card. 😉

      • haven’t tried that, I will attempt that one!

    • Betsy

      I used my ecard to purchase a 50 dollar amazon gift card on the amazon website. I got an e-gift card so I didn’t have to wait for it to come in the mail and that way I could use it on amazon. Silly how you can’t use it to purchase items on amazon (because I tried) But you can use it to get an amazon gift card. Which I then used on amazon to get some tennis shoes!

      • Where do you go to purchase a gift card? I won last year and remember getting a gift card for Outback, I think, but can’t remember how I did it. I won $25.

  • did you get an ecard? did you do anything special? I was denied 6x at walmart ha.

    • Jeremy

      if you won $25 try to load $24 on to the walmart giftcard or $49 if you won $50. I read somewhere once that the dollar they charge to preauthorize a card sometimes screws this up. Not positive and you may a buck but worth a shot…

      • thanks for the advice! I actually emailed them bc I noticed my balance had randomly dropped to $0! they said the site was down or something.

        • its working now. Won last week and finally got it to work today, at walmart too. Good luck. p.s. enter 25 not 24 dollars. it will work for 25 and who wants to loose a buck.

  • cart2260

    I just won the $25! FINALLY!!!

  • cmcueto

    Camel website not working

  • jeffery

    just won $25

  • I won a $25 gift card.

  • shannon vollmer

    won 50.00 woo hoo

  • Won $25 this morning. Yay! Thank u

  • won $25 today 🙂

  • Jose-Luigi

    Well, I’ll be dipped in fish oil! But sometimes the outstanding Camel website, with its glitches ‘n stuff – can make a pastor utter profanity, make a bishop break a few glass-stained windows, and all at the same time — p*ss-off the Pope…during X-mas! ;} Aww well, I guess I won enough moolah on their past sweeps’… so good luck to one and all. Puhhhlease, don’t forget to win the money. ‘The money..:)

  • Won $25– WOW

  • just won the $50

  • Jose-Luigi

    Okay, now we’re cooking with peanut oil again! Meaning; I just hit $25 bucks w/3 Camel spinny-thingies @ 7:31 Pacific time…’n umm Up2youse lemme redeemed it – a wee bit ago. Fuhget’boutit!