CAMEL “Snus Pleasure Switch 2012” Instant Win Game (excl. MA, MI)

Camel Snus Pleasure Switch ChallengeEnter the CAMEL “Snus Pleasure Switch Challenge 2012” Instant Win Game and you could instantly win a $100 Visa Gift Card!

TIP: After registering or logging-in, click the “Break Free” icon and scroll down that page (it takes a long time to completely load) and you will see a banner for the Snus Pleasure Switch Challenge promotion. Good luck!

Instant Win Game Prizes:

  • 383 Grand Prizes: $100 Visa Gift Card. ARV: $100.00.

Prize Limit: one prize per person/household/address.
Entry limit: one play per day.

Eligibility: CAMEL Instant Win Game 2012 is open to legal residents of the U.S. (Excluding MA, MI) who are 21 or older…

For complete details and contact information, see the Official Rules on the entry form. Please comment if you win. Thanks,

ENTER HERE: CAMEL “Snus Pleasure Switch 2012” (excl. MA, MI)
exp 12/31/12

  • bindhi

    I have received 1 movie card, still waiting on 1 movie card and 1 music card.

  • I finished the challenge with 2 music cards and one movie card. The site says if you want to take the challenge again you can but I am not savy enough to figure out how. I always try to figure computer issues out first but usually need help. I was born before color TV so that might be my problem. Any assistance would be highly appreciated.

  • cart2260

    I’m still waiting on my two music cards.

  • Carrie o

    I haven’t received any of my prizes

  • newonivek

    i got music card only my wife got none of hers finally called after 10 weeks of waiting on her $100.00 card and after being on phone 30 minutes they said they had no record of her winning and said i could email the pictures of the screen that we took and before i could even send the email the mail came and the card was in the mail crazy since they had no record of her winning

    • loco

      I had the same thing happen to me before with a $25 win. After waiting for three months, I called them and the lady I spoke with told me that they had an outside entity that handled the contest and that’s why they didn’t have a record of my win. But then the very next day my card was in the mail! Congrats on your win!!

  • teresa harvey

    The first time I won from Camel my gc came within 3 wks. The last time I won it was over 4 months but it did come. 😀

  • cocoabellarsd

    love Camel IWS – and yes they do send the CC’s so not to worry. I won in the Humpoglyphics both the $25 and the $50 cards- but those cards were the kind you had to instant sign up for on line. Those were a bit tricky to sign up for due to the formatting of the registration form but once I got that figured out it worked fine. I have won from Camel IWS in previous contests
    virtual Mastercard or Visa cards- can’t remember which type and did receive those codes in email. Takes a while, but they do eventually come. 

    • How do you get the camel humpoglyphics game to redeem the $25?

  • $25 prize

  • says I won a movie gift card, and last week a music gift card

  • Just won a movie gift card.

  • bindhi

    it is finally back up and working. Still lost though. lol

  • Won a movie card. 3rd sweeps win tonight! Yay

  • Does anyone know how long it acutally took to get the $100 Visa card? Thanks in advance

    • Jessica

      You have to redeem in online. Go to the drop down box that says, “MY SWAG” and you have to activate it as a online mastercard.

  • How do ppl win music cards? Isnt there only the $100 prize?

    • bindhi

      take the snus challenges. Do it daily and they will send you one. Worked for me. Good luck.

      • mtrhowe85

        Thanks! I took the first day’s challenge and it says they are sending me a music card. How much is it worth? Is it Itunes or something?? Thanks again!!

        • bindhi

          10$ itunes. Keep taking the challenge and you should get a movie card. Good luck to you.

  • BettyeD

    Also just answered a question and it gave me a music card that they said would be sent in 8-10 wks.

  • Still didn’t get my music or movie card and its been 2 mths. Humm.

  • angelhart

    Won a 100 Visa!!

  • mtrhowe85

    Anyone never get their prize? Won $100 and a music card 10 weeks ago.. guess I better call :-S

    • Jeremy

      I won 2 music cards and 2 movie cards. Never heard anything else about it… Please post any results you get. I just never knew who to contact.