Are We Cautious Thrill-seekers?

I was thinking about instant win games and why we play them. Why do we play them? Is it just about the prizes? For me, the answer is, “No!” In the beginning of my playing, way back in 1998, it was all about the prizes. I was extremely impoverished and winning things was the only way I could acquire them. The more I played, the more I realized that the part I liked the most, was the actual moment of winning. I recently watched a documentary on Mt. Everest and the people who climb it. I would never want to climb a mountain or skydive or anything remotely that dangerous. Do we have anything in common with these people? I think we do.

We like to win. There is a certain thrill that comes from winning. Much like those climbers, who seek the summit as their moment of achievement, we reach for that moment of the win in the same way. There is a big difference, though. Our investment is just a little time. We seek out that winning thrill in the comfort of our homes, usually in our pjs. The real thrill-seekers are the adventurers who invest tons of time, money, and an enormous amount of effort. In the end, though, don’t we achieve the same thing? The feeling of having tried something, with no guarantee of success, and the exhilarating feeling of accomplishment when the thing we sought after actually comes to fruition. It’s that moment of, “Yes, I did it!”

I am going to call us, “The Cautious Thrill-seekers.” They won’t write our names down in books and most people will never know of our achievements, but we have achieved something that very few people ever do. I know tons of people who have never won a thing in their lives. Then again, I never see those people entering anything, so of course, they don’t win. I will never reach the summit of Everest because I will never try; those who have never won a prize, probably never will, because they don’t enter. We are a unique group of people with our eyes set firmly on our summit, seeing a, “Congratulations! You won!” message on the screen.

Just when I was certain that I had nothing in common with thrill seekers, I realized we, too, are thrill-seekers. We make it happen through sheer will and determination. We are the instant win gamers, cautious thrill-seekers.

  • Jennifer Dittmeier

    This is so true, I do it because I love it, I win stuff for my kids, took a beautiful trip, occassionally am able to share my winnings with someone in need. Thank you 🙂

  • jacki mohr

    I definitely do it for the thrill (but I learned to enter sweeps that are giving away 1k or more “real prizes” to save me time. And I think we are safe thrill seekers because we aren’t betting out hard earned money, we are betting nothing on getting something 🙂 I like those odds!

  • Allyssa

    This is me lol! I started when I was really poor – my husband and I weren’t married yet with crummy jobs and a little boy. We were so broke and I never bought anything for myself, so it was my way of getting things I wanted. Now, we’re doing MILES better, I have an at-home business and he’s a welder, but I still enter. The thrill is awesome lol!

  • Joan Ducksworth

    For me the thrill is seeing if I can win!!! And when I do it’s even more thrilling, if I don’t, what can I say, I just keep trying. There’s nothing to lose!!!

  • christine porter

    winning IS exciting to me and an adrenaline rush when I do!!!

  • Kathy G

    I love a winning screen, there is nothing else quite like it.