ALBERTSONS “Monopoly Online Game” 2012 (Select States) (Codes Req’d)

Monopoly Albertsons Online GameTONS of prizes in Albertsons Monopoly Game/Sweepstakes/Promotion. You will need a code to enter.

These details cover only the online portion of the game. See the official rules for complete details on all portions of the game and how to acquire codes by in-store purchase or by postal mail.

Online Sweepstakes Prizes:

  • $5,000 in Albertsons Gift Cards
  • $500 Albertsons Gift Cards

Online Game Prizes:

  • 1 Prize: $50,000 Cash
  • 3 Prizes: $25,000 vehicle that will be awarded as a check for $25,000
  • 15 Prizes: $5,000 Entertainment Center that will be awarded as a check for $5,000
  • 25 Prizes: $2,500 Apple iPhone & trade Pkg. (includes 2 year contract) that will be awarded as a check for $2,500
  • 50 Prizes: $1,000 Groceries that will be awarded in Albertsons gift cards
  • 100 Prizes: $500 Groceries that will be awarded in Albertsons gift cards
  • 2,000 Prizes: $100 Albertsons Gift Card
  • 7,500 Prizes: $50 Albertsons Gift Card
  • 10,000,000 Prizes: Two Free Game Tickets.

Prize limit: unknown.
Entry limit: You must have a code to enter. You can enter multiple codes. If there is a limit on code entries per day, please comment.

Eligibility: ALBERTSONS “Monopoly Online Game” is open to Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, New Mexico and Texas, age 18+.

For complete details and contact information, see the Official Rules on the entry form. Please comment if you win. Thanks,

To everyone playing in the COLLECT-AND-WIN game. I’ve put together a list of the RARE PIECES from the inside prizes on the game board, since I have duplicates of all of the other pieces, but if I am incorrect, please use the contact form and tell me which pieces you think are rare.

Possible Rare Game Pieces:
$5,000 Groceries – U429
$2,500 Cash – S433
$1,000 Cash – R436
$1,000 Albertsons – Q441
$1,000 Free Gas – P443
$650 iPad 2 – N447
$500 Cash – K461
$500 LCD – M452
$500 Albertsons – L456
$200 Kindle Fire – J466
$100 Albertsons – H470
$100 Cash – G474
$50 Albertsons – F475

From the outside of the game board, Possible Rare Game Pieces:
Monopoly Game Board – E479
$10 Cash – D484
$5 Cash – C489

***I’m still missing two pieces on all of the high value prizes. Will update if I can figure out which pieces are rare on those prizes. Good luck to everyone!

ENTER HERE: ALBERTSONS “Monopoly” (Select States) (Code Req’d)
exp 05/22/12

  • I am in Hobbs, NM I have Y410 looking for Y407 Will share

    • Yeah Kelly, if you have Y410 (the chocolate milk one) than that’s the $40,000 prize and we could split it 50/50, please email me at and we’ll get it set up!

      •  Oh, though I just noticed I don’t have Y407, anyone out there have that?

    •  Do you seriously have Y410. I have Y407. Am in Las Cruces.

  • I Have Y410 wanna split?

  • C.”Griff” Griffin

    can anyone send me a photo of the board? I got a bunch of pieces when I was in NM, but now I’m in MI and apparently I can only get a board at the store.  That seems a bit antiquated to me.

  • Brandon Collier

    I am in San Diego, CA and all my pieces are starting with SC 01- SC 85.
    Do you know if the pieces are different for different states ?

  • Hi all, I go to Albertsons to shop twice a week and people have been giving me the monopoly cards they don’t want, so I ended up with a stash of hundreds of these cards, I’ve opened most of them up, but still have a few to go.

    I’ve only recently been playing the game, and I ended up like most of you, missing only the rare ones. 

    I will list below which ones I need, and of course I will pay if you have the piece and we can split the prize 50/50.  I have duplicates of every piece not listed below, if anyone needs them, so if you’re looking for a piece and you don’t see it in my list below, I probably have a duplicate and can send you one. 

    C489 – Lysol (blue)
    D484 – CLIF (vertical spelling / brown)
    E479 – Helper (brown/white)
    F475 – nart Ones & butterfinger (red/yellow)
    G474 – Purex (blue)
    H470 – Reeses (orange)
    J466 – (kid with baloons; light pink & yellow)
    K461 Fresh Express Hearts & Rom (salad; green & red)
    L456 – G-U-M (white)
    M452 – Hormet (tv dinner/ red on bottom)
    N447 – Black Pepper Grinder (black/red)
    P443 – Keebler (on bottom / yellow/pink) circus animals on top
    Q441 – AIIAN NCH (Hawaiian Punch)
    R436 -upreme (pillsbury doughboy)
    S433 – reyers (Dreyeres Ice Cream)
    U429 -uraunt yle (tostito chips)
    V423 – Chips Ahoy
    V426 – fresh (ham; Deli Fresh)
    W421 – Pantene Classic (bottle; white)
    X413 – nals (orange) 100 (in a blue box)
    X414 – ACTIVA (yougert; green)
    Y407 – Swiss Tea Cooler (bottle; brown/yellow)
    Y410 – Chocolate Milk (brown and white)
    Z402 – Ore Ida (red; french fries)
    Z406 – BIRDS EYE Broccoli (green)

  • So here are the prizes where I just need 1 more piece to win, please let me know if you have it (email me at and the single piece will finish the board and we’ll split the prize:

    10k Vacation prize:  Just need W421
    5k grocery prize: Just need U429
    2.5k cash prize: Just need S433
    1k cash prize:  Just need R436
    1k gift card prize:  Just need Q441
    1k free gas prize:  Just need P443
    650 Ipad 2 prize:  Just need N447

    Please email me at if you have these and we’ll set it up and split the prize.

  • To the WEBMASTER: 
    The RARE pieces for the $10,000+ prizes come in pairs (except the vacation one), I have confirmed this by research and my own playing of the game, it is as follows:

    $1,000,000 Cash – Z402 & Z406
    $40,000 Cash – Y407 & Y410
    $30,000 Vehicle – X413 & X414
    $10,000 Vacation – W421
    $5000 Gas – V423 & V426

  • Richard Binkowski

    I have Y410 and will split 90/10 with anyone having Y407. You get the 90%. I live in the Albuquerque area and would cooperate fully in getting together. I’m at email or 505-559-4277.

  • Hi! I need the following pieces:


    I’ll trade for other pieces, let me know!

  • zyxabc1

    Send me an email ( for the game piece SC01. Thanks.

  • Matt Hahn

    I have 3 rares and would like to split a prize or make a deal with someone for them.
    I have: x508 and v519 and w515
    contact me with offers

  • Guest

    Hi! I’m in Las Cruces, NM. All my stickers are in the 600s.
    I need:
    A602, A606
    B608, B610, B611
    C614, C615, C617
    D618, D619, D621
    E624, E625, E627
    F628, F631, F632
    G634, G637
    H638, H641
    J646, J647
    K651, K653

    Please e-mail me if you are interested in trading: