Snazzywin™ was founded in 2008 and launched in 2009 to deliver a high quality list of FREE instant win games from various sponsors in a format that makes it easy to enter every day.

Snazzywin.com is a limited liability company, LLC, established and located in Houston, Texas.

Each weekday features a fresh list of quality online instant win games and top-shelf freebies. The games and freebies are not sponsored or administrated by Snazzywin. Think of Snazzywin as a directory, where you can find all of the best instant win games and freebies listed in one place. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality content to our users. Give our lists a try and see what you think. We’re confident Snazzywin will become your favorite place to play instant win games and find quality freebies.

If you’re ready to get started entering the games, you will find a compiled list of current instant win games under the Instant Win List tab, near the top of the page. The list is updated daily, Monday-Friday. Enter the games often for your best chance to win prizes. It’s very simple: just click on the game you want to enter, type in your information, and find out if you are a winner. If you experience any problems with the games or freebies, please contact the sponsor or administrator of the game or freebie.

If you win, please share your good news in the comments attached to each game. You can also share the news in our monthly Winners Roundup. It takes very little time to leave a comment and is very appreciated! Also, when you receive a prize, please search for the game using the search box in the upper right corner of our blog and leave a comment, so others will know that prizes are shipping for that particular game.

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